October Updates

Greetings Region 3!
As you may have noticed, R3 staff is undergoing some shifts. With the departure of Jeremy Mayes, I had to replace my VRC. Lucy Franck took over that role, but that now leaves the Chief of Administration position open. Who knows what other trickle down effects will ensue, and when all will be stable again?! But fear not, the staff is still working hard and totally functional. The Comms department is recovering from the floods, slowly but surely, and working a new archival edition of Fleet Channels, documentation efforts are ready to be handed over to whoever the new CAO will be for compilation, and I think the R3 handbook update is about ready for a vote on the CCO.
Right now there are two motions on the Admiralty Board awaiting votes:

1 – A motion to allow membership processing to deliver materials electronically should a member wish to receive them that way. This is addressing the membership card and other deliverables when someone join/renews – not the CQ. It seems some members have requested this, and we see no issue in providing it. This is NOT a re-org of the pricing model. There will be plenty of time in the new year, with whomever is CS to review budgets and make proposals of that nature.

2 – A motion that I made way back when, but was lost in the chaos, and now re-introduced by Region 12’s RC (and I got to 2nd the motion, which is kinda like seconding my own motion in a way – it was comical at least to me). This addresses the compensation of those members who had paid for a print membership for 2014-2015 before that option was removed. Its a basic scale of extending their membership dates as compensation for the price difference they paid.
We are coming up on game day (November 5th – or there about for some chapters) and our Extra Life efforts. If your chapter is not hosting an event, I encourage you to go join in with one who is. A Regional Coordinator’s Cup will be awarded to the chapter team that does the best (the metric for that is currently begin worked – expect an update on that specifically soon, as well as timelines). I know I am looking forward to gaming until I drop!

On that note – please, if You are hosting a gaming event, and inviting the public (which I strongly encourage) – please get with the COMMS department and get help putting in some press releases about your event. People can’t join you if they don’t know about it.

There is also a new link on the R3 website for After Actions Reports – and I’ really like everyone to consider using these. The intent is to collect lessons learned, both good and ill, so that the OPS department can review and publish best practices. The goal here is to improve our event planning and execution for all. So be humble and be specific. This isn’t going in the MSR/RSR, nor in the Fleet Channels for all to read. This is being held by staff, and getting the important info out of it to share of others can re-accomplish your successes, and/or avoid your pitfalls.

As you can see – R3 is still pushing ahead. Next month is going to prove mighty interesting with the conclusion of the CS election and announcement. – but no matter the result, R3 will still be leading the way!

Jeremy Carsten

Regional Coordinator,

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