Extra-Life ‘Coordinator’s Cup

Greetings Region 3,

As was hinted at since last year, we’ve come up with the criteria for this rotating trophy. The trophy will be awarded to the chapter that performs the best in raising money for Extra-Life (other Children’s Miracle Network fund raising will be considered on a case by case basis this year).

We’ve come up with a scoring criteria to account for chapters/teams of different sizes and composition. Still, in the end, there can be only one.

Team Size (encouraging maximum participation!):
20+ team members – 10 points
16-20 team members – 9 points
10-15 team members – 8 points
5-10 team members – 7 points
1-4 team members – 6 points
Average Money raised per person (averaged across you team):
1st place – 10 points
2nd place – 7 points
3rd place – 5 points
all others – 3 points

Team total money raised:
1st place – 10 points
2nd place – 7 points
3rd place – 5 points

all others – 3 points

We will figure out these stats, tally up the points and announce the victor!

We understand that not every chapter runs their Extra-life day on Nov 5th, so we will accept any event from November 1 – November 30th. The VRC and I will tally the total’s November 30th.

If you need help advertising your event, please let us know. The COMMS Department has a template for pres releases you can send to local new media to help get the word out. Bring folks in!

To qualify, you MUST:
1. Register your team with extra-life. We would vastly prefer if you used the format “SFI – USS Lollipop”
2. Give us your team’s name and URL (web link). Please send this info to charity@region3.org – this address will forward to all those required to track the data.

3. Kick-ass and raise money!

That’s it!

Once again, this trophy, to get it started is NOT coming from regional funds. I am buying it personally. Future years getting the plaques made and subsequent bases and shipping will all be determined by the RC and CCO at that time – but right now it is my gift to the Region.

Next year I would like the RC Cup to become a year long endeavor toward the chosen charity – but that will require more brain power to develop a suitable scoring rubric.  But that is for then…this is NOW!

So please, go register your teams, share the info and get ready to have a great time gaming for a cause.

Jeremy Carsten

Regional Coordinator,

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