RC Cup Update

Greetings to all you generous souls in Region 3!

Those of you who read Fleet Channels know already that the first annual Regional Coordinators Charity Cup was a tie between the USS Artemis and the USS Zavala. I’d like to update everyone with just what it is they won! Both these chapters were a huge part of the greater success that Region 3 had in raising $4681 during our respective Extra-Life campaigns!
Behold… the trophy in question.
My VRC, Lucy, and I are working on expanding this year’s competition for the RC’s Cup beyond just Extra-Life – to incorporate all the actions toward the region’s chosen charity over the course of a year. We haven’t got that metric hammered out just yet, but we are working it. Still, it will be done before the end of the year certainly, so keep good records of all your actions and funds raised toward Children’s Miracle Network (to include Extra-Life), who was present for each event, etc. This is the prize you are working toward – and get to display for a year!

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