3BDE Muster Announced

Third Brigade would like to invite all Starfleet members to their 2017 Muster/Wilderness Challenge.

Saturday, May 20, 2017, 10am – 8pm(?)
Sherwood Forest Faire, McDade, TX
Cost $65 – all inclusive!

Since the International Conference is within Region Three’s borders; there is no regular scheduled Regional Summit venue where annual awards for both the Region and the Brigade to announced at. As with past years, the Third Brigade has hosted their own standalone muster when this happens. This year’s is extra special because the Region Three Command Element has requested to use the Muster to present their yearly awards and on top of that 3BDE has gotten approval to host its own Wilderness Challenge.

Regarding the Wilderness Challenge, don’t fear, there won’t be a ten-mile hike with a fifty-pound ruck sack; it will be a simple round robin style familiarization course on topics such as land navigation, first aid, etc.

Afterwards there will be a Field Mess (it’s like a Dress Mess only less formal).

Cost includes Saturday lunch, Saturday dinner and a cot in the keep (unless you want to pitch a tent) for Friday and/or Saturday evening. Local hotels are available – please check the Sherwood Forest Faire website for locations.

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