March 2017 RC update

Greetings Region 3,

The CCO has heard from me plenty already this month; sort of piece meal on topics as they came, so let’s get everyone caught up.

The RC election is still in the nomination phase. If there is anyone else who’d like to run, they have until the 31st to get two chapter CO’s to send in a nomination to the IG. All CO’s should have received instructions as to how to do this directly from the IG.

We have a new Chief of Computer Operations at SFI HQ, Tony Knopes – and may whatever gods he believes in have mercy on his soul – that is a most challenging post, and we thank him for taking it. That AB has confirmed him, so he is a full member of the EC now.

There is a new MSR template out, that I am asking chapters to use. The few early adopters we had this reporting cycle really stood out from others. Those CO’s also stated the template helped them in filing their report. There may be a few upcoming tweaks to maximize the utility of the reports and the MSR’s will finally feed into other areas for once.

The RC Cup scoring is about ready to role – to encompass the entire year. We’re going to edit that MSR template, and then chapters can report right there, in their MSR, and R3 staff can use that info to awards the RC Cup next year!

Awards will be given out at the 3rd Brigade Muster, which we have been graciously invited to. Not only that, but they are permitting an indoor (with air conditioning and everything!) track for those who might bot be interested in the Wilderness Challenge opportunity at Muster. Two meals, a cot to crash out on, and all the fun you can stand for $65…not a bad deal. 20 May, 2017!
Speaking of awards, we have just over a week left to get those nominations in! The Forms are on the website. Deadline is March 31st!
We also have the NASA field trip secured for September!

September 16th, tickets are availability here:, as is the hotel information for those traveling.

And let us not forget to plan NOW for IC 2017, taking place in New Orleans!
August 18 -20! There is NO event better than IC in all of fandom. For my money, nothing compares to finally seeing, for the first time or a great reunion, the friends we all talk to throughout SFI.
As for a bit of maintenance, I’d like everyone to go into the database and check to ensure your information is current. Some of the membership processing/renewal issues have stemmed from incorrect addresses and the like. So go check, CO’s encourage your crew to check, and lets make sure we are all operating with the best information possible.

Please consider sending in articles to Fleet Channels – now that it is online, things show up almost instantly so we can help you advertise for your upcoming event, and we’d all love to hear how a past event went.

Thank you all, and let’s enjoy SFI and Region 3 as we head into spring together!

Jeremy Carsten

Regional Coordinator,

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