April RC Update

Greetings Region 3!

It is time for another thrilling installment of “Monthly Updates from the RC” (MURC? sounds kinda cool right?).

First off, the RC election is ongoing. No other candidates emerged, and thus it is a vote of confidence for me. I am told by the IG that he has received 12 votes (out of 22 chapters). If your chapter has not voted yet, please do so soon. CO’s, if you did not receive instructions as to how to vote, please email the IG (IG@sfi.org) ASAP. The election phase should end on or before 30 April (before is possible if over 50% +1 votes are made to confirm the standing RC…which is me).

The 3rd Brigade has their Muster coming up, and we have all been invited. Not only are they making time for region awards to be presented, but also some non-wilderness challenge related activities to take place in the keep. Please consider attending, it’s a great price for what’s being offered ($65 for 2 meals and a cot + all the fun!).

Issues – Membership Processing:

This one remains a thorn in our side, and the VCS gave us some updates yesterday (posted to SFI-L list and Members Only Facebook group). It sounds like the VCS is running a lot of this himself, and that is proving to be the slow point. However, he is also setting up some potentially great stuff that will get information into the hands of members much faster. Please be patient.
The Admiralty Board has been chewing on some issues. One is pretty mild and mostly internal house keeping, what access to what lists do VRC’s have – and a vote in in progress regarding that. Nothing earth shattering.

Of far more interest is the ongoing saga that is print membership compensation. The EC has made a proposed plan regarding the issue, but I disagreed with it. I put forth a counter proposal and debate has begun. I will fill in the CCO with more specifics.

Region Awards have been submitted and shall soon be decided upon. The committee is being assembled and meeting scheduled. The trophies have been ordered, and await the names to be engraved. I am very excited on what we’re bringing you in terms of hardware this year, and I can’t wait to recognize our people and their great works!

Speaking of recognition – promotions! If anyone would like to submit someone for promotion to O-6 (or any rank up to O-6 for unassigned members) to be announced at the 3BDE Muster, please get me the nomination by 30 April. That gives me time to get the promotion boards together, and certificates printed.

If you are looking to promote someone beyond O-6, I’d get that nomination in NOW. It has to be received by HQ, sent to me for comment and then back to the EC for deliberation. It is not the most speedy process. I can only promise to be quick with my portion of it.

Please do not forget the Orders of Merit (http://sfi.org/merit/) to recognize your people either! We trimmed down the Region 3 awards because many of these, that actually get reflected in the database, cover what great things everyone has been doing.
Those are the big rocks for April. Everyone have fun out there in your travels and stay safe!

Jeremy Carsten

Regional Coordinator,

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  1. My group isn’t a chapter yet, working on it, but I would vote for ya if i could. You have been nothing but helpful, and prompt on my path of starting a new chapter. I thank you for your support.

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