May RC Update

Greetings Region 3!

Convention season is upon us, and I know some of our chapters have already executed great fan tables. If those that did just complete such events would look over the Fleet First and Event Planning guides to provide feedback, that would be much appreciated. We are only as good as the information we receive. I also look forward to more After Action Reports (which help us gather best practices and prevent any similar shortcomings that get identified).

I have heard from the Commander, STARFLEET that you are all indeed stuck with me for another two years. He’s not sure why his announcement did not go out (intended the first week of the month) – but for whatever reason his computer ate it. I look forward to continuing to improve Region 3 and SFI, especially after some of the set backs of last year.

Speaking of actual progress, the efforts to compensate members that paid for a print membership that never received those goods is at the voting stage. We have the data, after herculean efforts by many on the EC to it get sorted, so that the AB could make the right call. The motion has been made and seconded, and voting is actively underway. After that various members of the EC and each RC will be involved in the implementation. A few months from now, this issue might really be done! Even better, soon the ECAB can be onto NEW Business! We are very excited (well, the CS and I are, I can’t speak for everyone else).

This past weekend the 3rd brigade successfully held their stand alone Muster and Wilderness Challenge. This was a great event (with great food!) and was really awesome to see so many faces. We have 32+ 2 small children in attendance. That’s a pretty good chunk of folks!

At Muster Region 3 awards were announced. This is on of the best parts of being RC – recognizing the efforts of those in the Region.

Region 3 Awards:
Zenith Print Media Award:  USS Zavala

Apogee Digital Media Award:  Trisha Tunis

Maelstrom Navigation Award:  Sarah Hays

Steve “Doc” Jessup Distinguished Service:
Edward Tunis III
James Trainham

Chapter Commendation:
USS Zavala
USS Zavala
USS Corsair
USS Texas

Marian L. Murphy meritorious Service Award:
Reed Bates
Lisa Pruitt
Annual Awards:

Junior Member of the Year:  Isabo Turner

Enlisted Member of the Year:  A.D. Cruize

Officer of the Year:  Robert Hunnicutt

Commanding Officer of the Year:  Joshua Laughlin

Flag Officer of the Year:  Trisha Tunis

Shakedown Chapter:  USS Endurance

Chapter of the Year:  USS Zavala
Congratulations to all the award winners, and thanks go out to them for their hard work!

I will be passing some other information to the CO’s concerning Membership Processing, so CO’s please be on the look out for that.
Jeremy Carsten

Regional Coordinator,

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