September RC Update

Greetings Region 3,
September has been insanely busy, at least for me. But lets re-cap:
10 September – The Orville, a new, trek like show by Seth McFarlane – many equating it to the best Trek show we’ve had in a long time. I have to admit, that by episode 3, I figured it was the sarcastic version of trek, with that episode feeling right at home in season 2 of TOS or season 3+ of TNG. I know several chapters did, and continue to have viewing parties for this new show. For me, I’m also trying not to grow too attached to it – being that it is Sci-fi on Fox….
16 September – 50 members of SFI joined up at Space Center Houston for our bi-annual trip. This was a great time, and it was fantastic to see everyone, especially so soon after the hurricane of last month. Personally I love the new (to me) Independence Plaza with the the shuttle mock up and the shuttle transport plane. We also enjoyed a great meal next door at Victors Restaurant – that needs to be a new R3 tradition as well!
22-23 Sept I was personally at FenCon. I did a write up about this convention last year, and I again highly recommend it. It really re-charges my batteries, and is a very well run convention. You should really check it out if you get the chance.

24 Sept – Star Trek Discovery! We got new Star Trek on TV! In San Antonio we hosted a viewing party in a theater, and I know there were many, more intimate, viewing parties held throughout the region and the fleet. Not only should we be enjoying this for what it is, but using it to promote ourselves and our good work. At the San Antonio viewing, we raised $125 for Children’s Miracle Network.

We have some game days we are looking forward to – be sure to share dates with your Zone leaders, so they can get them on the calendar. I know many chapters are doing Extra-life on or about the 4th of November, and now is the time to start advertising for that.

Keep up the great work, and lets enjoy all this new trek/trek-like stuff together!

Jeremy Carsten

Regional Coordinator,

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  1. Too bad FenCon and CONtraflow are just mere weeks apart. Having been to FenCon it is pretty fun.
    However, if you get the chance to come out to CONtraflow we do have a large STARFLEET presence with both Region Two and Region Three Chapters.

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