STARFLEET Chapters Put on a Show at CONtraflow

Reported by COMM Randolph Allen: USS NEW ORLEANS NCC-57288

DATELINE: STARDATE 201710.08Mere months after the International Conference held in New Orleans, members from the USS CORSAIR, USS NEPTUNE and USS NEW ORLEANS returned to city of Kenner and to the New Orleans Airport Hilton for the commencement of CONtraflow VII. The convention which served as a stepping off point for both the NEW ORLEANS and the NEPTUNE when they first launched continues to be a staple of the Gulf South Star Trek Fandom. Even with the threat of then Tropical Storm Nate looming in the Gulf of Mexico.

As the states along the track of Nate prepared for what would later be a Category One Storm, convention organizers made the difficult decision to continue the show. The USS LAFITTE and their companions with CyPhaCon both coming from Lake Charles, LA made the decision not to come during the storm because it would have made driving difficult.

By the evening of October 6th, most businesses and government offices were in full prep as the storm’s track focused on the City of New Orleans. However in the morning of October 7th, the track shifted east and Nate took aim at the Mississippi and Alabama Coastline. New Orleans would be spared, but the USS NEPTUNE would leave the afternoon of October 7th so their crew could make the proper preparations.

Even though Nate was the overriding concern for those going to the convention, that didn’t stop events from happening. On Friday Evening, the USS NEW ORLEANS hosted “An Evening at Quarkbucks” in the convention’s hospitality suite. A late night coffee social for gamers. It was full and well attended.

On Saturday Evening the USS NEW ORLEANS once again entered the Room Party Contest with their entry “Holly McHolodeckface – The Broken Holodeck.” The Chapter had its signature Romulan Ale but this year, no awards were won for the Chapter. Instead it was just a good time and many fans being exposed to both episodes of “Discovery” and the fan series “Continues”.

On a final note: while the USS NEW ORLEANS did not win any awards from the convention this year, the Chapter was recognized in another fashion. The Chapter’s Commanding Officer, Randolph Allen was awarded Fan Guest of Honor for CONtraflow VIII which will be once again held at the New Orleans Airport Hilton on November 16 – 18, 2018. This time, the convention organizers are hoping that it will be too late in the year to affect the convention.

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