RC Update – December 2017

Greetings and Happy Holidays Region 3!
The last few reports were sent to the CCO only, but I’m determined to keep this message as open as possible. Even better, there is some good news!
First lets focus on the Region. We’re still working on Summit – the committee and I meet tomorrow, and I hope to be able to move forward with a contract and announcement shortly there after! It will be in the DFW area, and looks like we have a lot to look forward to there!
I look forward to resuming work on several items –
Complete the documentation for things to ensure the region remains sustainable and more easily managed, to include:

– The ever-delayed staff manual

– A technical manual for how the various parts of web, cloud storage, social media, etc work

– A re-write of the FLEET First and event planning guide (to include a summit guide – which I am placing WAY at the back burner, as we are learning summits may have to change)
– Web pages to archive CCO votes

– QM store – and after that

— FLEET First bulk item purchases and re-sale to chapters (I hope to do this once, this could, and should be a Fleet level thing eventually, I feel we demonstrating and testing the plan out).

— Other R3 swag purchases as deemed financially advantageous.

All stuff I’ve said before, but in hopes we’re past other obstacles now.
In Big fleet stuff:

My motion for a communications policy committee did not pass. There is not yet a solid way ahead on that front, but then it is December and people are extra busy. There was some preliminary talk, and suggestion by the CS to re-appoint a MHB committee, and go through it section by section with a fine tooth comb – and all needed policies would get wrapped up in that. I personally do not feel this is the correct way ahead, but the conversation is still playing out. At least we’re still talking and will likely have a plan in January to move forward.

Joe Sare has been confirmed at Chief of Operations, so we’ll give him some time to settle in before beating him up too bad. Chapter launches are under way once again, and we launched the USS Far star here in Region 3 on 4 December 2017!

There is some discussion in the AB (on the new AB lists even, we awe get away from using the not-at-all-secret Facebook group as much) on chapter sizes and options. If talks continue, this would very much change the shuttle program, and provide members with more options. I’m kinda excited this one is in talks, as it’s been on my to do list for awhile. Maybe it helps when it doesn’t come from one of the typical loud mouths on the board?
Also improving is the EC vs AB relations – or at least I hope so. The ECAB list was transitioned over to google groups (just like the AB and ABVOTE lists) so that we can have reliable comms with the entire ECAB. That gives us a chance, at least, to work together. I really believe that most of our issues stemmed from the technology not (specifically the email lists) preventing good, reliable communication. It’s impossible to work with people if you cannot reach them – today we can!
As for the holidays, Much of SFI HQ has been shutting down to critical functions through the new year, and R3 HQ is in the same boat. I hope everyone has a great holiday, a I look forward to a new year with everyone!


Jeremy Carsten

Regional Coordinator,

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