Come to Summit 2018!

Greetings Region 3!

I hope everyone is excited, and preparing for our Holodeck adventure that will be Summit 2018! I certainly am. I’ve been busy with awards and promotion boards, which is a great time for me to be reminded of all the great things that Region 3 and it’s members have done last year. But it’s not all looking back – I am very much looking forward to seeing everyone, and each person’s creative spin on the “Getting Away On the Holodeck” theme we have here!

So – let’s look at the schedule:

Friday –

5PM – 7PM – Registration – Come pick up your goods, or give us money if you haven’t already!

From 7PM through 9PM  (1900-2100 for those marine types) is the 3rd Brigade Dress Mess. This is the usual Marine pomp and ceremonial style dinner, where the Brigade Valor award winners will be announced. This year we are hosting at Vic’s – we got a copy of the program from Deep Space 9, and we have been assured that any glitches have been corrected…

Class A uniforms, or equivalent are encouraged, but bring the best you got, and have fun with the local SFMC folks. As added hilarity, this year’s Vice-President of the Mess, or ‘Goat’ is a pretty new marine – Robert Hunnicutt; thanks to his performance at Wilderness Challenge last year!

After the Mess, join us for the after party! Nothing bad ever happens there, and certainly does not lead to various members and staff showing up a bit worse for the wear at Opening ceremonies the next morning…



8AM – 9AM – Registration is open.
Saturday we will have Opening Ceremonies/General Session starting at 9AM. This will include Final Mission, early on, so that we can pay our respects to those we’ve lost over the past two years. Promotions, and various awards and news will be announced during the general session.

From 11AM to 2PM is the Mystery Lunch – a clue like ‘who done it’ in Trek style!

Starting at 2PM is our various panels, the Marine Muster and the game room opens!

Panels include:  (Times/rooms subject to change)

Awards How to – by Lucy Frank (2-3PM)
Model Building – by Dan Joplin (3-4PM)
Uniforms – by Tank Clark (4-5PM)
Newsletters and Weather stations – by Sarah Hays (5-6PM)

The Marine Muster will be from 2-4PM.

Cadet activities will be available from 2:30-4:30PM.

7PM-9PM is the Admiral’s Banquet – Holodeck style! Come dressed applicable to your preferred (family friendly) holodeck program!

From 9PM  to Midnight will be the Charity Auction. Bring your items for that (contact Glenda at, and bring your money to raise funds for the Children’s Miracle Network – and come home with great stuff!

10PM-12:30AM The After party room will also be open for your entertainment!


Sunday –
Sunday starts off with two events, both at 9AM.

A non-denominational worship service, as arranged by the USS Diamondback for one hour.

Also at 9AM-11AM will be a CCO meeting – where CO’s, XO’s, and Staff can sort out Region business over not enough caffeine.

Closing ceremonies will begin at 11AM. Come get the final tally, the last hurrah, and close up the summit right.

Not that we are done, just because we had closing ceremonies!

At 1PM- 4PM there will be an away mission to the Grapevine Mills Outlet Mall (3000 Grapevine Mills Parkway, Grapevine, TX 76051) – where they have a Legoland Discovery Center! 

And lets not forget, the Dead Dog party – the really last shindig of a summit, where all remaining gather about, share stories, share drinks, and often employ time honored recruiting methods for various projects and jobs… Starts when we all get back from the Away mission, around 4:30PM


As you can see – there is a LOT to do, and we already have 48 people signed up to be there, and I know there are more coming. So come geek out with 50 or so of your closest friends, get your Trek on, and display your creativity with this great theme. Remember that May 31 is the last day to order meals – So total package and meal sales will stop at midnight. Normal registration we will take up until the door. 

I look forward to seeing you there!

Jeremy Carsen,
Regional Coordinator


Friday 5:00 PM Registration Set Up
Registration Set Up
6:00 PM Registration
7:00 PM Registration Marine Mess
Registration Marine Mess
8:00 PM Marine Mess
Marine Mess
9:00 PM After Hrs Party
After Hrs Party
10:00 PM After Hrs Party
After Hrs Party
11:00 PM After Hrs Party
After Hrs Party
12:00pm After Hrs Party
Saturday 8:00 AM Registration Set Up
9:00 AM Opening Ceremony
Final Mission
10:00 AM Opening Ceremony
Opening Ceremony
11:00 AM Mystery
12:00 PM Mystery
1:00 PM Mystery
2:00 PM Class: Lucy Franks Gaming Silent Auction Marine Muster
Awards Gaming Silent Auction Marine Muster Cadet Activities
3:00 PM Class: Dan Joplin Gaming Silent Auction Marine Muster Cadet Activities
Models Gaming Silent Auction Marine Muster Cadet Activities
4:00 PM Class:Tank Clark Gaming Silent Auction Cadet Activities
Uniforms Gaming Silent Auction
5:00 PM Class: Sarah Hays Gaming Silent Auction Set Up
Newsletters/Weather Stations Gaming Silent Auction Set Up
6:00 PM Gaming
7:00 PM Gaming Admiral’s Dinner
Gaming Admiral’s Dinner
8:00 PM Gaming Admiral’s Dinner
Gaming Admiral’s Dinner
9:00 PM Gaming Charity Auction
Gaming Charity Auction
10:00 PM Gaming Charity Auction After Hrs Party
Gaming Charity Auction After Hrs Party
11:00 PM Gaming Charity Auction After Hrs Party
Gaming Charity Auction After Hrs Party
12:00 PM After Hrs Party
Sunday 8:00 AM
9:00 AM CCO Meeting Worship Service
CCO Meeting Worship Service
10:00 AM CCO Meeting
CCO Meeting
11:00 AM Closing Ceremony
Closing Ceremony
12:00 PM
1:00 PM Away Mission
Away Mission
2:00 PM Away Mission
Away Mission
3:00 PM Away Mission
Away Mission
4:00 PM Dead Dog Party
Dead Dog Party
5:00 PM Dead Dog Party
Dead Dog Party
6:00 PM Dead Dog Party


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  1. Just a FYI on visiting Legoland in the Grapevine Mall. The last time I was there, which was about a year ago, they had restrictions on admittance, namely, if you are and adult and not bringing in a child, you (the adult) will not be allowed into the display areas or the gift shop. I guess you could call this a “Stranger Danger” policy. I’d suggest checking with Legoland to see what their current policy is..

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