Extra-Life ‘Coordinator’s Cup

Greetings Region 3, As was hinted at since last year, we’ve come up with the criteria for this rotating trophy. The trophy will be awarded to the chapter that performs the best in raising money for Extra-Life (other Children’s Miracle Network fund raising will be considered on a case by case basis this year). We’ve […]

October Updates

Greetings Region 3! As you may have noticed, R3 staff is undergoing some shifts. With the departure of Jeremy Mayes, I had to replace my VRC. Lucy Franck took over that role, but that now leaves the Chief of Administration position open. Who knows what other trickle down effects will ensue, and when all will […]

How will you celebrate Star Trek?

Star Trek turns fifty this week, and we are a gaggle of Star Trek fans. I’d love to know how you, not your chapter (though that might be involved) or bigger event this weekend (hey – we have that event this weekend! You should totally come to San Antonio on Saturday), but YOU the Trekkie(er) […]

Flood Relief

Please consider joining us in helping out our own members who have been impacted by the recent flooding in Louisiana. We, Region 3, have at least 6 members/families who are in the process of recovering from the floods. Waters like this ruin everything, and while there is insurance and federal relief money, that takes time […]

Go Beyond Star Trek!

Region 3..The Final Frontier….Chapters in Texas and Louisiana are making their final preperations for the next movie in the franchise, STAR TREK BEYOND. Here are a few of the special events going on. Texas Abilene USS Diamondback will have a table set up at the Century 12 in Abilene on Friday and Saturday to meet and […]

Tank, When He Rolled a Twenty-The use of “Geek’s Cant”

Commodore Tank Clark, SFMD First Officer & Helmsman, USS Regulator NCC-2009 OIC 333rd Marine Strike Group, “Phoenix Squadron” TL, 33rd STARFLEET Rangers, “The Paladins” 3BDE S1 (Personnel and Administration Officer) As many of us do from time to time, I was re-watching an episode of Star Trek the other day.  Specifically, the episode was “Darmok,” […]

USS Corsair Welcomes New Lifeforms to STARFLEET!

It was supposed to be just another routine assignment.  Beam down, scan local floral and fauna with tricorders, maybe tag and bag a sample or two, and then beam back. Then ship scanners picked up some, let’s call then anomalies, which mean the Captain had to check it out as well. In true James T. […]

USS Harlequin Commissioned

I am proud deliver the USS Harlequin, a Sovereign Class Cruiser, STARFLEET registry NCC-75032, into commission as of this date as a STARFLEET Ship of the Line. The Harlequin is a meeting chapter based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. To Commodore Brian Landry, Herein appointed Commanding Officer of USS Harlequin: You are hereby directed and required […]

2015 Region 3 Award Winners

Congratulations to the Region 3 2015 Regional and Annual Awards winners! Steven “Doc” Jessup Distinguished Service Awards:           MCPO Steve Sardeson, USS Battle Born           CMDR Glenda Stephenson, USS Diamondback           FCAPT Penelope McFadin, USS Zavala Region 3 Commendations:           Ark Angel Station           USS Artemis           USS Battle Born           USS Corsair           USS […]

USS Endurance Commissions

TO: All Stations, All Commands — Attention to Orders. FROM: STARFLEET Headquarters, Office of ADM Robert Westfall – STARFLEET Chief of Operations RE: Commissioning of USS Endurance NCC-75010 BDR Jeremy Carsten, Third Fleet Commander: You are hereby directed and required to deliver USS Endurance, an Sovereign Class Heavy Cruiser, STARFLEET Registry NCC-75010, into commission as of this […]