Awards Season Is HERE

Greetings shipmates,
     Region 3 Awards Season is open. Deadline for nominations will be 31 March.

Please review the awards manual at  It is always a good idea to review the manual prior to submitting nominations. Rather commonly, writers turn in a nomination that doesn’t meet the criteria for the award they’re trying to recommend a shipmate for.

With that in mind, here are the links to the awards available:

AND the links for nominations:

Annual award link:

R3 Awards link:

Some other considerations:

Don’t assume the committee knows the person being nominated, what that person did, or what the impact is. Describe the event (date, place, time) and the nominee (name, rank, SC number) and explain what the nominee contributed (30 hours’ volunteer efforts, or 100 pounds of recycled paper, etc.)    Here are some other items to consider when submitting nominations.
– Avoid using words like “help”.  It is a vague word and doesn’t really describe the role that person had. – Be able to quantify and qualify what was done and impact those actions had.  
– “Countless” is not as impressive to a reader as a writer might think
– The more we have to guess, the bigger chance we will not guess the way the submitter thinks we should- keep the nomination down to 1 page.  This is about 500 words.  
– Details are more important than spelling and grammar.

     A lot of nominations have listed “away missions” or named operations when referring to charity work or other efforts, but they don’t really give much of a description and leave people guessing.

  “Countless” doesn’t really give the reader a solid grasp on what was done, but when “Over 40 hours…” could be used, there is no doubt.  Do not exceed the 500 word limit too much. 

If you need more than one page, ask yourself if you are hitting high quality points, or if there is just a list.  Seriously, one page is enough to convey a solid nomination to the Executive Committee at the FLEET.

Finally, don’t worry about the writing style.  Worry about the content and keep in mind this is a letter to the Awards Committee.  You are writing a letter to compel us to select your nominee.  *Foot Stomp* Details are the most important part.  Make sure to hit what your nominee did and what was the impact/result and be able to describe it so the Awards Committee can visualize it. The Awards Committee WILL NOT ding for grammatical and spelling errors.

     If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Very respectfully,
MCPO Steve Sardeson
Chief Admin Officer R3

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