Chapter And Officer Reporting Schedule

Good evening, gentlebeings!

As you know we’re fast approaching the Overnight Aboard the Battleship Texas. Before I wax too eloquent on why you should go,
I owe you a report. That report, marking my first quarter as the Region’s Communications Officer, herewith follows:
We’re working hard to bring you, the membership of Third Fleet, a fully-functional, full-featured website upgrade;
I’m herein announcing our schedule for the required (right there in the R3 handbook) reports:  one chapter and one staff officer
per quarter, and the Overnight Aboard Battleship Texas (September 29-30) is almost upon us.  Last-minute details for our
pre-boarding meal are still in work, but the event itself is a definite GO! Here’s the link for signing up:

     Now, about that website upgrade:  we’re excited about progress. When we get what we want in place, YOU will be able to click
a button on this website and buy what YOU want — be it a Region 3 T-shirt, coin, flag, or flagon; a Starfleet Quartermaster or
SFMC item; or  tickets to a Region 3 event — and we’ll be able to offer you those purchases without service fees beyond PayPal’s,
while still accepting electronic payments for your convenience. Keep a weather eye out for further details on this!

Next, that reporting schedule: Starting with our newest fully-commissioned Region 3 ship, we plan to share one chapter per month
in this space. That means the first three reports will come from USS Endurance, USS Harlequin, and USS Tarvos.

Please write us a short (150-250 words) report; include your location, chapter focus (are you gamers? are you cosplayers? do you go
to cons? are you readers? do you attend movie openings together, mark Trek-themed holidays, gather for episode / film viewings?
Are you volunteers in the community? What’s the fun your chapter has, related to Star Trek, that YOU enjoy most?) and contact info.
If you have photos to add, all the better (please include pictured crewmembers’ names and rank!).

Region 3 Staff officers will also report, one per month, in this space  (not counting the RC), and they’ll report in order of seniority.
We’ll start with Communications, which is the report you’re reading right now, then Operations, then the VRC, and then Administration.
I’m doing the Communications report for this iteration; department heads can delegate as they see fit for future required reports.

Finally, why should you go to the Overnight Aboard? Because it’s The Battleship Texas, and it’s the most fun you can have at anchor!
We’ll be spending a seasonable Houston-area Saturday afternoon, evening, night, and Sunday morning in one of the most amazing
environments you can imagine, with a skilled tour guide who can bring history to life as we traverse the passageways. All proceeds
from this event go straight to supporting the Battleship’s preservation. We’ll have the SFMC Commandant, MGN Jari “Gato” James,
aboard as our special guest.

Come be part of the kind of event you’ll never forget!

Most Respectfully Submitted,
Sarah “Rimfire” Hays, LTC SFMC
Region 3 Communications Officer
In service to the 340th MEU, Third Brigade, Region 3 and SFMC

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