Flood Relief

Please consider joining us in helping out our own members who have been impacted by the recent flooding in Louisiana. We, Region 3, have at least 6 members/families who are in the process of recovering from the floods. Waters like this ruin everything, and while there is insurance and federal relief money, that takes time and there will still be unmet needs – and this is where we wish to focus our efforts to help our own.

Hotel costs, being out of work, storage units, etc. are all some of the unmet needs our members face. We’re are going to help.

This is not the most ‘official’ way to set up a fund, but it seemed the way to get the most money to our members directly. This paypal button/email will allow you to donate to a private account. Myself and Brian Landry, who I am dubbing my ‘Chief of Membership Relief’ for the moment, will oversee all donations and he will be our boots on ground to distribute the funds. We will ask for whatever you can give, for two weeks. Whatever total is collected, we will distribute evenly between Primary SFI memberships that were impacted (essentially by household). We’re keeping it as simple as we can.

For the future, I am working with the Admiralty Board to establish a more long term SFI Member’s Relief Fund, and have it run a bit more officially and professionally – but this is what we could do TODAY.


If you can, please give – these are OUR friends, OUR family who are moving out of their homes and either looking for new places to live or undergoing extensive repairs, and putting their lives back together.

You can donate on paypal to relief@region3.org or hit this button (please use send money to friends and family, as that does not incur the paypal fee, and more money will go to our members).



Why Paypal, and not GoFundMe? Simple – more money to our members. I think with two or three sets of eyes on the money, we can promise you, the donor, that everything we get will got to those that need it; where as GoFundMe takes 7.9% +$0.30 off the top of each donation (5% for GoFundMe site, and 2.9% + $0.30 to We Pay, who processes the transaction). Even if we end up paying some paypal fees (shouldn’t with a donate to friends and family), that’s only the 2.9% + $0.30…saving 5% of each donation to go to our members.

Please help. These are people we know, not nameless faces. These are people that work for you, who we see at Summits and Game Days and Other events. These are fellow Trekkies that had their trek thrown widely off course. These are OUR family.


Thank you,
Jeremy Carsten
Regional Coordinator, SFI Region 3