National Preparedness Month

Imagine this scene: A house is on fire. Standing before it are parents screaming and crying: Their child is still inside. Emergency responders arrive, but are unable to retrieve the child.
This did happen, and it can happen again.  September is the United States’ National Preparedness Month.

I encourage all STARFLEET members to take a few moments out of their busy day to think about being prepared for emergencies. Having a conversation with your family about what to do in the case of a fire, tornado, and hurricane can save their lives.

Many people scoff. “It won’t happen to me.” “That’s tin foil hat stuff.”

We are not talking about preparing for an Alien invasion or a zombie apocalypse.
We’re talking about the likely chance of a disaster occurring at home, at the worst time possible. A house fire can occur from a single candle heating up a paper that was a little too close to the flame. Bad weather can turn into a tornado, or be part of a hurricane. (Region 3’s geographic area experienced Hurricane Harvey last year, and it is hurricane season now.)

Please take this month to spend some time preparing for disasters. Stock up some food and water.

Pack a bag with spare clothes. Make a copy of all of your important documents —  and if you do evacuate, take the copies with you. Have a plan of where to go if a disaster strikes.
It’s that simple.
LT Christopher Lovejoy, USS Corsair

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