Starfleet Membership Behavior Policy

STARFLEET, the International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc. (“SFI”) seeks
to provide a social environment that is safe and enjoyable for all; thus,
bullying will not be tolerated.


Bullying occurs when an individual, or a group of individuals, repeatedly
behaves unreasonably towards a member, or group of members, whose behavior
creates a risk to health, safety, and good order of the organization.
Bullying behaviors can take many different forms, from the obvious (direct)
to the more subtle (indirect).

Bullying has a detrimental effect on SFI and its members

Bullying can create an unsafe social environment

Bullying can (and has) resulted in the loss of trained and talented

Bullying can (and has) caused the breakdown of teams and individual

Members who are bullied can become distressed, anxious, withdrawn and can
lose self-esteem and self-confidence

Members who experience this sort of behavior can become calloused to, and
jaded by, it

Bullying is also (in some circumstances) against the law

Therefore, SFI shall operate with a zero-tolerance policy for bullying of
any kind by, and to, its membership.


Action taken by SFI leadership to direct and control the way work is
carried out is not considered to be bullying, if the action is taken in an
objectively reasonable way.

SFI recognises that bullying may involve comments and behaviors that offend
some people and not others. SFI also accepts that individuals may react
differently to certain comments and behavior. That is why a minimum standard
of professionalism, etiquette, and behavior is required of its members and
leadership. This standard means that all members are to be respectful to
others at all times. This includes all mediums where members interact.


Single incidents of unreasonable behavior (such as harassment, violence, or
threatening behavior) can also present a risk to health, safety, and good
order and will not be tolerated.


Leaders (to include Commanding Officers and their staff, Regional
Coordinators and their staff, and Executive Committee and their staff) of
SFI have an important role to play in terms of fostering a culture that
does not tolerate or encourage harassment, bullying, or violence and should
ensure that they do not engage in any conduct of this nature themselves.
Leaders should also ensure that members understand this Policy and the
consequences of non-compliance. When leaders observe harassment, bullying,
or violence occurring they should take steps to stop this conduct from
continuing. This behavior will be deferred to the process specified in SFI
MHB Section 09.

Fleet Admiral Steve Parmley
Commander, Starfleet

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