RC Update – April 2018

Greetings Region 3!

Let’s start with local stuff. Awards nominations are over; due to the extension, there were some more last minute nominations, and The CAO has solicited for a member at large to form his committee. That will take place soon, and then award purchasing will begin!

To that end, there is no significant movement on any finances to report this month (I think one more summit registration). Next month the money moving excitement should begin with awards, coins, and printing materials being purchased, and more (we hope) registrations!

We are saying good by to a chapter here in R3, the USS Texas has decided to retire as an active chapter due to manning and interest. However, several of their familiar faces will still be working around R3, and the bulk of their crew continues on in their TRMN fandom, which we (especially 3BDE side of things) interacts with fairly regularly.

Other items of note – I’ve been pretty sick. We did not have a staff meeting last week because I could not speak. On the mend now, and hope to be lively at the RC fireside chat tonight.

The biggest thing out of HQ is the VCS directive to all sub-orgs (SFMC, Chaplain, MACO, etc) – in that appointing the ‘regional’ level officers for those sub orgs, much come with the consent of the RC of that region. More to come on how the actual nuts and bolts of that work out, but the intent is to give oversight of these programs by someone who was elected by that local membership. I’m not sold that this is a good move, and it is based out of the MHB 7:04. I think that’s painting with a bit too broad of a brush, personally, and I think the MHB needs a lot more fixing before we chain more processes to it. In hopes that will be a renewed focus here soon.

Outside our club, it’s been a good time for Sci-Fi – Expanse is back, and Netflix launched it’s new Lost in Space series (not seen that yet, but it looked interesting). In my own geekery (and while I was sick) I played a lot of Surviving Mars – a new city builder/sim game. What other fun sci-fi stuff has everyone else been doing?

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