RC Update – August 2018

Greetings Region 3,
First, let’s just say this website looks a lot better, and is much more interesting, with more content from the members and chapters out there. Let’s keep it up! I know our new COMMS Chief, Sarah Hays, is cooking up a plan for chapters to rotate who ‘owes’ an article and when around the year, but that is the minimum – lets share MORE!
Please keep in mind that the 3BDE is conducting their overnight stay on the Battleship Texas on 29 September. Join in and have a great time on this historic ship! http://3bde.eventzilla.net
I’ve not yet had the chance to conduct interviews for the various Relief fund and staff roles – mainly due to events (STLV, IC, and my own job) the past two weeks. But we will be getting to those, and more! I have one more role to add right now – Wiki administrator for the R3 history site. This person will head up a history team, and be the actual administrator of the history wiki site. I also have a few more ideas cooking up that will require people to step up and help out, but I need to finish sorting things out in my head before announcing those just yet.
As we all know, this past weekend was the International Conference. I was, sadly, unable to attend. I am looking forward to articles from those that did make it, as it really looked like a great time from all the Facebook pictures and videos.  I did, however, call in to the ECAB meeting all day Friday. Much was accomplished, I am happy to say. Some general house keeping issues resolved, a potential way ahead on the database, and got some amendments to the Membership Handbook done. A few topics, and MHB changes got tabled, and will be dealt with in the coming weeks via email. Those delays were due to more information needed before a sound decision could  be made. Progress!
We’ve received a few bids for Summit 2019, and in the next week or so I hope to vet these down and work with a selected hotel to get a final quote and contract in place. Again, we have progress, and I’m excited about the options!
I look forward to chatting with you all, the RC chat’s will continue, the next being on Aug 21st, on Discord.
See you around the fleet!
Jeremy Carsten

Regional Coordinator,

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