RC Update – December

Greetings Region 3,


As we close out 2018, I want to thank my staff for all the amazing work they have done over the past year. Short turn around on Summit (way to go Diamondback!), awards, and other objectives, to include a big push here at the end to get the 2017 and 2018 blog posts archived to a PDF version. Great people that work really hard for you all!


Please be certain to get your Charity work – especially the money raised for each charity) in your December report! You can roll up the entire year even, and make one report to keep things simple for Lucy and Chris as they tally up everyone’s efforts!


In 2019 we will publish all these archival Fleet Channels PDFs, a Policy manual, and work with the CCO to update the Region 3 Manual. I expect all that will be done by end of February at the latest.


Summit tickets are on a discounted sale through 13 Jan 2019 – two weeks into the new year, due to the late start we got. Price goes up $5 after that. Also, the hotel reservation system seems to be fixed, allowing you to register at the group rate for several days before/after summit proper.


All that is just the stuff going on. As we close out the holiday season, look in on each other. See how everyone is doing. Check on your buddies. Not everyone has an easy time, especially during this time of year. Also – be safe during new years. 2018 was rough on many, in a variety of ways – don’t overdue it and begin the new year with trauma or regret (mild hangovers, entirely excluded from this warning, and are practically expected).


Take care of each other and yourselves, so we can all enjoy the coming year together!

Jeremy Carsten
Regional Coordinator,

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