RC Update – February 2018

Greetings Region 3,

January and into February have been busy!  Lets start local and work our way up:

Summit is going strong. The committee is hard at work on all the ground based fun, registrations are flowing smoothly – we have over 30 registered already! You don’t want to miss this!

The Price went up on the 11th, and we are now at ‘normal’ prices. These will go up again just prior to summit, so if you have not ordered, now is the time.

The coin design should be completed and sent to the manufacturer this week, if not done tonight; and reflects the holodeck theme, as well as DS9’s 25th anniversary! I’m planning to order 50 or so, as in years past, and with 30+ folks already registered, I figure these will be a hot item!

 Award season is just around the corner – with nominations accepted from 15 Feb though 31 March. I’ve been reading all the MSR’s, and I have to say, I’d better see some great awards nominations go in. You’ve all been doing great things, and there is NO reason not to recognize your folks for that excellent work. Make Chief Sardeson and his committee have to really think hard on these. He’s put out some good info, and if you have ANY questions hit him (CAO@region3.org), your zone leader, or myself up.

On a related note – the Awards manual has had minor updates and has been re-published. The biggest change is the fancy cover, and the internal updates to how awards will be adjudicated (and by who…finally replacing the SEA, since that post i not in use). Check it out under Resources > Documents in the nav menu.

The RC warp-core side chats will resume. The first one went pretty well, though I was tragically sober. I promise to fix that this time, I’ll have at least two before I even log on. Should be a good time. And 50 points to your house if you give me a less clunky, but still trekkie name than “warp-core-side’ chat.

Your CO’s will receive an update on the financial state of the Region, which is – we presently have more money due to summit registrations, and plan to spend a bunch on ordering the coins (which should bring us more money). Basically it’s the time we look fat, until I have to pay a bunch of bills Monday after summit.

On the R3 Facebook group we are trying a spoilers tagging rule, so that we might be considerate of others, but also so we can all talk about something very important…Star Trek Discovery! Season one is done and like it, love it, or hate it, it was a wild ride, worthy of geeking out together over!

Onto the SFI HQ stuff!
February 3rd The AB held a telecon, and confirmed Mike Garcis as Vice-Commaner, STARFLEET. It was felt that to do that ‘correctly’ that the 3 year continuous membership rule for the CS (and VCS has to meet the same requirements as CS) was suspended, due to extreme circumstances. The topic has been tabled to be dealt with, and make the intent more specific in the near future.

 Since that time, the VCS has opened several posts within the VCS office, and seems to be pretty active, hitting the ground running.

I’ve already lobbed work at him, and the rest the AB, in the form of an unified awards hierarchy and physical ribbon proposal. So far discussion is mostly positive, though not sure there enough yet to even guess at a timeline for implementation. We may give it a trial run here in R3 (Where Region 3 goes, so goes the Fleet!) for summit. If you are interested in this, get with your CO’s – they have more details.

As for myself, I’m about to enter that time of year where I am traveling every weekend for Renaissance Faire – specifically the Sherwood Forest Faire, just east of Austin. If anyone plans to go, please drop me a line, and we’ll meet up to hoist a beer or three.

I know the rest of you will also be getting busy with events too – be sure to get them on the calendar (go through your zone leader) – and give us a write up, either before the event to advertise, or after the fact and show us how much fun you had.

Seriously – I am not the only one that can have posts on this page!

I look forward to chatting with you new Tuesday, and seeing you all around!

 Jeremy Carsten
Regional Coordinator,

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