RC Update – February 2020

Greetings Region 3! 

It took us a little longer to tabulate last year’s charity efforts, but that’s because there was more to count! Great work to all of our members and chapters – the final total reported to Region 3 is $19,560.95! This is a big gain over last year’s 12K…and I think a lot of that increase is capturing more of each chapter’s contribution. With the web form we were also able to roll up reported man hours – 611.5 total! 

Let’s do even better this year – we have the web form (as requested) available from the start of the year. Please use it (https://region3.org/wp/charity-tracking/). 

Along with raw charity numbers, it’s time to announce the RC Cup winner. USS Battle Born gave them a run for their money, but the USS Zavala holds strong and retains the RC Cup for another year. Congratulations and good work to that amazing crew! 

The Commander, STARFLEET announced the dates for the 2021 International Conference – June 18-20, 2021, in Tallahassee Florida. You may note that this is roughly the same time as we generally hold summit. Those who I know are working on bids have been so advised. While not ideal for us here in R3, I am pleased it is a date that does not attempt to compete with the annual Las Vegas Star Trek Convention. At least that habit is broken. We will just have to adapt here in locally. 

HQ also announced the new HR website, which lists all open positions folks can apply for throughout the fleet (minus region level postings at this time). hr.sfi.org will take you there – with 94 open posts last I looked! Now there is “one stop shopping” for all the ways you might want to help out at fleet level – and it seems there is plenty of opportunity to do so. 

The Admiralty Board met with the new administration for a full meeting for the first time this past weekend. It was a good, productive meeting, with a few more resolutions, and an approved Membership Handbook! The VCS just needs to package it for publication now – so expect that soon! 

Don’t forget our summit coming up in June – registrations are still coming in steadily (http://qm.region3.org/). Also Region 2’s summit is also approaching, March 6-8 (https://region3.org/wp/region-2-summit-approaches/), and we’ve all been invited!

I hope everyone is enjoying Star Trek: Picard, I know my own chapter is discussing the new uniforms, and possibly role playing somewhere along the Picard timeline. How are other chapters reacting to this new material? Write up an article to post here, and let us know! 

Jeremy Carsten
Regional Coordinator, 

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