RC Update – February

Greetings Region 3!

Award season is now upon us! February 15 – 31 March are when you can nominate, both for Region 3 specific awards, and the annual awards program. As I stated in my last update, Region 3 did some amazing things last year – but Region 3 isn’t a body. It’s made up of its members – you all did that great work. Be sure commensurate recognition is given to those that put in so much effort!

The new Policy manual has been finished and published, you can find it under Resources > Documents on this website, of just click this link. At this time the CCO has not elected to adopt any of those policies on a region level, so all can be modified by the RC at any time. Should that happen, we’ll update the manual as needed. 

R3 Staff and I will begin updating the Region 3 Manual, which will need to be approved by the CCO. This is pretty much just a house keeping update, with the various policies being moved to their own manual, staff updates, etc. 

I want to thank Josh Laughlin for hosting a Star Trek Bridge Crew night last night. I was late, but it seems fun was had by all who played. 
Next weekend begins my busy time of year – Renaissance Festival, Specifically Sherwood Forest Faire! This means I will be a bit slower on weekend to respond, as we’ll be out there having fun. Let’s share a beer if you come out to enjoy that faire! 

Also March 1 – the IG tells me, shall be the start of the RC election, beginning with the nomination phase. I would like to serve as your RC again – I believe I am making a positive, if much slower, difference in SFI as a whole as a member of the board of directors, and I’m very proud of the things we’re accomplished together here in the Region. 

Jeremy Carsten
Regional Coordinator,

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