RC Update – Jan 2021!

Greetings Region 3!

2020 is over! I’m not entirely sure what time dilation effects were all in play, but 2020 seemed to be especially long. But we’re out, and looking forward to slowly returning to normalcy. We still have COVID, and social distancing, but there is hope by way of vaccines. Things will get better – we will SEE each other again, and not just over the internet. 

Also – in normalcy, we have to get to work on the usual things. It is a new year, thus its time for awards!

A new award manual is out! Minor updates to reflect no Zone Leaders, and the like. You can find it under documents on the region website – also here is a direct link: 
2021 Awards Manual

Also, we’ve moved off ninja forms (many issues of various technical natures). So this year we will go with google forms. One form for all award nominations (Region specific and Annual awards). You can find it at: http://awards.region3.org.

We also have Summit to look forward to – June 11-13, 2021! There is a sale for registration going on NOW through the end of January. Go save $5! The hotel is also taking reservations at this time – all the info is on the quartermaster page – https://qm.region3.org.

Take 3 continues! Episode 3 will be Thursday, 21 January 2021. We’re looking to get guests that can speak to awards up and down the various fleet levels. Join us at 8PM Central that night, and of course the ‘Three Sheets’ AMA/Drinks with the RC session after. 

The 3rd Brigade has launched their Field Training Exercise (FTX) – a program that encourages interaction between ANY SFMC personnel via gaming. In person, online, even asynchronous – it’s all there. Since being started 1 Jan – there are over 70 hours of gaming logged already! Find their manual here: 3BDE FTX Manual
And the reporting form: http://ftx.3bde.org

Sadly, we are still dealing with SFDPP compliance issues. Several of our chapters are effected. I encouraged all to ask their CO and XO if their chapter is in the clear.

We’re off to a running start for 2021 – and I look forward to working with, and perhaps even SEEING you all this year!

Jeremy Carsten
Regional Coordinator, 

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