RC Update – January 2020

Welcome to 2020! 

We have an exciting year ahead, both as a region and as Star trek and sci-fi fans. 

But first, I need everyone to look back on 2019 – remember all the good you and your fellow members did; then write that up! It’s award season NOW. For Region 3 awards, ‘of the year’ awards, and even orders of merit. With IC at the end of May, vs August this year, the whole fleet’s time line ins shrunk. But this is a good thing – things are fresher in our mind, so now is the time to get those nominations in before March 7th!!!

This means we will have to announce our Region level of the year awards earlier than summit – and we’ll figure out a proper way to do that. But summit will still be where we hand out all the hardware and take time to recognize our members. 

And summit is going to be awesome. To quote Mr. Chekov, “Guess who’s coming to dinner?” It’s the Klingons! Several member of KAG are joining us, putting on panels, coming to dinner, and singing songs. The theme is “The Federation and the Klingon Empire”, exploring all the various ways that relationship has morphed over the Trek timeline. 

I will be bringing my Bat’leth(s)! 

Summit is one of those times we buy up region swag. It’s been suggested that we might be done with coins? Or maybe you want a Join R3/KAG coin? Or a thumb drive, or something else – please let us know what sort of items you’d like the quartermaster to offer! 

Tomorrow is the last day of the discount on Summit Registration! https://qm.region3.org/

I have a staff opening for those that are interested – Social Media Director. This person will supervise our social media presence (right now mostly Facebook), but more, develop a social media strategy and help the rest of the staff execute it. If interested please send an email to myself and Lucy (RC@region3.org and VRC@region3.org

This is a great year for Star Trek. Discovery Season 3! Lower Decks! And starting this week – Star Trek Picard! Lets remember to include each other in our watch parties, and where we can and makes sense, invite the public. Lets share the details of these dates and times to maximize these opportunities. It’s easy to be excited and focused on them – but Trek is even better when shared! 

I look forward to all the Region 3 and Trek fun we’ll have this year, and more immediately, reading through nominations of the great things that you all did last year. 

2020 – Engage! 

Jeremy Carsten
Regional Coordinator, 

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