RC Update – January

Welcome to 2019!


I’d like to start with looking back at 2018 for just a few minutes, because it’s really, really impressive what we’ve accomplished. Chapters and members raised over $8262.05 for various charities in 2018. Add the $4k that members raised, from their own pockets, at summit, and Region 3 contributed over $12,262.05!


I say over, because I KNOW that not all the efforts were included in that number. There were chapters I know raised money, but did not report it in their MSRs. In fact that number comes from just 7 chapters. Please, go back through your records, and if you raised money, report that to charity@region3.org so we can include your efforts into the larger narrative.


What we do not have for 2018, is the man hours that helped various causes. That will be a goal for us in 2019. Imagine if we could hand any organization we care to work with these numbers – how well that would tell the story of our impact.


On a related note, The RC Cup needs to be awarded – and this year it goes…no where. The USS Zavala outdid themselves, and raised $5079.05 total over 2018! Once again they keep the trophy – maybe someone will step up and exceed their great efforts this year. Until then, Congratulations to the crew of USS Zavala on this amazing feat.


So on that high note, we move into 2019, and looking forward to the challenges of this year. Here in Region 3 we will have an RC election, SFI as a whole will have a Commander, STARFLEET election, we have the NASA trip already planned, and a summit to look forward to in Baton Rouge. That’s a lot going on, before we even get to all the great things chapters and members will schedule.


In 2019, even just the first half of it, I plan to have a policy manual published, and an updated Region 3 manual. We are also soon to start the awards nomination period for 2018 – so be ready for that! Clearly a LOT of great work happened in 2018, and it is worth the effort to recognize our people.


What other goals are out there? What to chapters/members want to get out of 2019? Tonight will be an RC Discord chat, and we can discuss it there. The CCO is a venue to discuss these types of things, or just email me (rc@region3.org). 2019 has the potential to be a great year, so lets get to planning it!

Jeremy Carsten
Regional Coordinator,

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