RC Update July-August 2020

Greetings Region 3! 

Despite COVID, STARFLEET has been busy. Here in Region 3 we conducted our own ‘mini summit’ online, and two  weeks later, HQ followed suit, with a Virtual Mini IC. I hope you were all able to participate, or at least view the productions after the fact. 

So with our Summit, came our region level awards for 2019: 

Annual Awards:

Enlisted Member of the Year – Armando Fuentes

Officer of the Year – Robert Hall

Flag Officer of the Year – Jeremy Carsten

Commanding Officer of the Year – Trisha Tunis

Chapter of the Year – USS Corsair

Region 3 Awards:

Zenith (print Media) – USS Sea Tiger

Region 3 Commendations – for raising over $1000 dollars for charity:

USS Battle Born  

USS Diamondback

USS Zavala

Further congratulations to LGN Trisha Tunis for winning Commanding Officer of the year at the Fleet level during the Virtual IC! 

Virtual IC, the first of its kind as well, translated many International Conference events into a new medium – chapter roll call, welcome from each region, chats with the EC member, etc. The Final Mission was another thing that took a twist – not only due to the online medium, but because there were 39 names to be read this year. Region 3 members, most from the USS Battle Born, helped get that video done, by doing the flag folding, camera work for the flag folding, and putting together the whole video.  

Looking ahead we have two posts (one brand new) open for region 3 staff: 

Social Media Director – This person will oversee all Region 3 Social media platforms, which are currently our Facebook Group,
Facebook Public Page, Twitter (underutilized at present) – and expand
to Instagram, YouTube and possibly Twitch.
They do not have to do this alone; the selected Director will be free to hire help as required, but the overall media strategy will be up to them.

Video Producer – This person will manage the Region 3/3rd Brigade joint video efforts. They will work with the Social Media Director for scheduling and access. They will run the forthcoming/yet to be named R3/3BDE regular News show+ AMA. The main platform for this will be Steamyard, and its connections to other platforms (Zoom, Meet, Facebook, YouTube, etc.).

Applications for both are open immediately.

Please send intent for position and any initial plan to RC@region3.org and VRC@region3.org to apply. I hope to begin selections by 27 August, so have them in by then.

All staff members will need OTS, OCC and now the data protection courses (SFDPP-101 and 102). If they don’t have it now, they will need them completed soon after being selected. Remember: the SFDPP_101 and 102 are annual courses — you must take them once a year.

The Video Producer will help form a new effort here in Region 3.
Much like announced news efforts and the CS’s AMA’s – region 3 will get on board the video streaming. Teaming with 3rd Brigade, we will purchase Steamyard, and use that to broadcast a regular show, with news, chapter and unit highlights, as well as live AMA/chat sessions. The name and format of this program will be worked out with the selected staff member. 

Be on the lookout for more online gaming and social opportunities, and planning for Game Day. Those are getting started now, with a focus
on keeping everything online at this time. 

That’s it from me for now – I look forward to seeing you (virtually) around ! 

Jeremy Carsten

Regional Coordinator, 



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