RC Update – June 2018 – Seriously, come to summit!

Greetings Region 3,
This month’s update is going to be brief – because in about 10 days we will be at summit, and that will be more interesting, informative and FUN than anything I put here. Registrations are still open, though all the meal purchases are closed, and the numbers have been submitted to the hotel. Also, today is the LAST DAY to get the Summit rate on the hotel rooms.
Finances: we are about to renew our web host – and then all the various moving pieces for summit itself (we often don’t have exact figures until the dust settled and checks are cut on the Monday after), so stay tuned for more on that.
But a reason to go to summit (as if you needed another) – these will be sold there!
Beyond that, it was fun reading all the activities the various chapters are undertaking, it certainly is the beginnings of summer and those MSR’s tend to get longer – which is awesome! As a reminder, please just hit me up if you have any questions or concerns. This past month I’ve fielded a few issues that members had, mostly clearing up some things. AKA Don’t trust everything (or hardly anything) you read on the Members Only Facebook group. Thankfully they split off a SFI business FB group, in hopes to keep the more…vehement… conversations out of the view of the rank and file that want to actually discuss Star Trek and what their chapters are doing.
So come to Summit, we’ll have a great time, and more updates there!

Jeremy Carsten

Regional Coordinator,

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