RC Update – March 2018

Greetings Region 3,

As many of you may have noticed, there’s been some dust ups coming form the top, and I’m here to help work through them.

First up, the SFSO has been changed to MACO. While this is not a focus on ‘all things must be canon’, it was felt that the group needed more specific direction, and needed to get away from looking/feeling too much like current real world military, thus morphing things to MACO only as the overall structure. As such, there are various internal changes that will be second and third order of effects based on this decision – and the MACO’s will be working through those – please give change the time it needs to happen and settle.

Related, the SFMC is scrubbing their documents for any copyright and trademark issues, which honestly should have been done by now, but seem we’re still finding things. In that effort all units at all levels have received instructions to ensure their logo’s are correct and used correctly. The SFMC is taking a harder tack on this than Fleet as a whole, partly because they’ve been smacked twice already, and also they are smaller, and it’s easier for them to do. Many are considering it a test run if every chapter had to scrub their logo’s, and get some lessons learned before/if it comes to that.

The biggest dust up was the posting on the SFI Members Only Facebook group about the intent, and then soliciting thoughts about the Chaplain Corps. That conversation is concluded, many more are on going. The Commander, STARFLEET has asked all RC’s to poll their chapters on this issue – so CO’s – please go do that now, and post to me on the CCO list with your chapter’s input please. We are looking at utility to chapters, and members, and at what levels is most appropriate. I look forward to those responses.

Interestingly enough, the man who brought us that dust up, Emmet PLant, has resigned from that post. So – the new Engage! department under the VCS is up for grabs. There has been a posting on the email lists and Facebook group (SFI level) for that, and other open posts.

Now to more local fun!

Awards – get them in! Deadline is March 31, and to date, we’ve not got a lot in. CO/XO’s – you need to recognize your people. If you have questions, the Chief Admin Officer, or any other staff members, are standing by to help – but now is the time to ask. Be sure to be thorough in your write up – if we don’t know the impact, we can’t guess at it. What they did, why it’s important. You don’t need to win a Pulitzer to have a successful nomination, but if it is missing the impact, it will not be competitive against nominations that do include such information.

Summit! We have 36 people signed up thus far! Prices go up on registration on the 1st of May, and all meals must be purchased by June 1st (to include total packages). There will be a coin produced for this summit, and it’s looking pretty cool – though final design with the manufacturer is still a work in progress. it does reflect the unique theme of the summit (getting away on the holodeck) as well as a celebration of DS9’s 25th anniversary. Certainly a collectors item!

I look forward to chatting with many of you tomorrow at the RC fireside chat #3! Join us on discord with your preferred beverage and we’ll talk all things STARFLEET.

If anyone out there has an article they would like to write for Fleet Channels (essentially the blog of this website now), please use the form to submit it. I know I can’t be the only one out there with something to say! Cover what your chapter has been doing, or better yet, what you WILL be doing, so that others know how and when to join in the fun you are having!

That’s all for now, everyone have a great Spring!

Jeremy Carsten
Regional Coordinator,

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