RC Update – September 2018

Greetings Region 3,

September is always a busy month for me, and this one has been no exception already. In my personal life we get ready for Texas Renaissance Festival and FenCon. In my Trek life, we have the Battleship Texas visit (or on odd numbered years, the NASA trip), and tracking action items post IC. That last bit never seems to go as quickly as we intend when items get tabled, or deferred for further input at the IC ECAB meeting.

But we have action here in Region 3 as well. We’ve just brought on a bunch of new staff, both for R3 staff proper (people who help me manage the region) and the Region Assistance Fund (which is half R3 staff, half members at large). I look forward to working with everyone in their new roles!

One of those roles is the Role Play Game Manager. I’ve posted here about Star Trek Adventures before, and I promise – I will again. I think this is a great opportunity for not just R3, but SFI, not to mention FUN! I’m thrilled this is coming together as much as it is.

At the summit CCO meeting, it was agreed upon that Staff would publish Fleet Channels reports IF chapters would publish reports/articles more often as well. To that end, Sarah Hays has devised a schedule. I’m here to foot stomp that schedule and to remind the members and chapters that this is a two way street. The various staff departments will report on a rotational basis, with the department head of each handling who is writing about what. First up was Communications, Next will be Operations, then Administration, then VRC (as that new ‘department’ now has new tasks that will take the longest to get spun up). You still get to hear from me and my ‘department’ (which is now the Finance Manger and the Flag LT) every month!

In case anyone is wondering, I have the Flag LT assisting COMMS (with some overlap with OPS) to improve our orientation program for new/renewing members. Once that’s done, I have a list of other projects that need help, so the post will be busy – everyone wish poor Lancelot luck!

Back to the Fleet Channels – so now that the staff rotation is established, we come to the Chapters. Sarah has sent out a message to to first three chapters that are up (Oct – Dec), and here is the 2019 schedule:

USS Endurance – OCT 2018
USS Harlequin – NOV 2018
USS Tarvos – DEC 2018
USS USS Apollo – JAN 2019
USS Battle Born – FEB 2019
USS Crockett – MAR 2019
Retribution Station – APR 2019
USS Corsair – MAY 2019
USS Sea Tiger – JUN 2019
USS Vulcan’s Forge – JUL 2019
Ark Angel Station – AUG 2019
USS SpiritWolf SEP – 2019
USS Lone Star – OCT 2019
USS Joan of Arc – NOV 2019
USS Bexar – DEC 2019
USS Tejas – JAN 2020

Not to say a chapter cannot post out of cycle, this is the minimum – more is always encouraged.

Summit planning is still ongoing; we’ve got a hotel, and I think a theme, nailed down. We’re still working the budget, so no contract yet. But that’s OK as we’re also looking into changing how/where we do our ticketing for events. Eventzilla has changed their terms, and we are no longer grandfathered under the old system. The COMMS dept and I have been working to see what it would take to get the job done in house, and I looks like it just might work – but none of that is yet in place, so we couldn’t even take registrations just yet if we wanted to.

To address next year’s schedule better, we are holding a CCO meeting on October 25th at 7:30PM on Discord. All Co’s, please ensure you can get to our Discord server, and get set up for permissions on the CCO meeting space. (Discord Link https://discord.gg/CrBNYpd – will require our moderators to enable permissions to the CCO area, so please ensure your displayed name on this server is clear).

I’ll be out of town every weekend this month, and busy each weekend of October as well, but as always, I have my phone, and a check emails. If something is critical, I will be available, but I do urge folks to hit me up during the week, vs. weekends, if they can help it. I also have an ECAB meeting this Saturday morning, and more to report after that I am sure.

Jeremy Carsten
Regional Coordinator,

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