RC Updates – March/April 2020

Greetings Region 3!

My sincere apologies for not posting in March. In all the chaos, personally, professionally, and various other commitments, the updates kept getting bumped to the right – and now here we are. 

First off – our schedule. Summit 2020 has been postponed until 2021. All registrations carry over, and the hotel will (slowly) move over the room reservations (they too are on minimal manning). Likewise the International Conference has been pushed back, by our BayCon Hosts, until November. Again – the hotel is supposed to be moving reservations, but I’d give them a little while, and then double check. 

So, those are the biggest hits our schedule took, as a wider organization, but in reading through the Monthly Chapter reports, we know that this COVID-19 has his each of us hard. Chapter meetings being canceled, folks working at home, or laid off; others considered essential and working crazy hours. And with all this chaos, it’s hard to find/reach our support systems that we have come to rely on. 

I encourage all to reach out, by whatever means available, to each other. Being isolated physically means we must get creative and keep reminding ourselves to participate and engage with each other. It takes a little more work.  Our routines are broken, but we are not. Take care of each other! 

To this end, we are exploring some online streaming capabilities. I plan to host the first, in place of the RC discord chat, Wednesday, at 7:30. This will be a video stream AMA, much like the Commander, STARFLEET has done as of late. Please come say hi, ad help us vet this tool to see if we need to invest further. 

Staff will also be discussing just how we will announce awards this year. Perhaps another online event, given the many travel restrictions presently in place. We will figure something out – and we will continue to do “something”. Again, COVID-19 might have us down, but certainly not out. One member pointed out that we are all isolated on our own ‘ships’, with very few port calls right now. During this crisis, we can explore the downtime aspects that Starfleet personnel have to contend with (sadly, they have holodecks, and we don’t). 

So stay tuned for more information, as it becomes available. Follow CDC and WHO guidance, stay safe, and keep in touch with each other!  

Jeremy Carsten
Regional Coordinator, 

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