Regional Staff Billets Open

Greetings Region 3, 

Due to current, ongoing events, we are going to invest more in our social media presence – both financially (buying Steamyard, in conjunction with 3BDE) and personnel. 

On the personnel front, I am looking to fill two posts: 

Social Media Director – This person will oversee all Region 3’s Social Media platforms, which currently are the Facebook Group, Facebook Public Page, Twitter (currently suffering a severe lack of use) – and expand to Instagram, YouTube and possibly Twitch. The Director will not have to do this alone; the selected Director will be free to hire help as required, but the overall media strategy will be up to them. 

Video Producer – This person will manage the Region 3/3rd Brigade joint video efforts. They will work with the Social Media Director for scheduling and access. They will run the forthcoming/yet to be named R3/3BDE regular News show+ AMA. The main platform for this will be Steamyard, and its connections to other platforms (Zoom, Meet, Facebook, YouTube, etc.). 

Applications for both are open immediately. Please send intent for position and any initial plan to and to apply. I hope to begin selections by 27 August, so have them in by then. 

Jeremy Carsten
Regional Coordinator, STARFLEET Region 3

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