Report on Summit 2018 in Irving, Texas

RADM Liz Goulet, Executive Officer & Chief of Communications, USS SEA TIGER, Reporting

Five members of the USS Sea Tiger attended this year’s Summit. It started out on Friday night, 22 June, with the Marine Mess. Since I didn’t attend that event you’ll have to wait and hear about it from our CO, Tank Clark. He and his lovely wife Tracy attended in dress uniform.

Saturday morning found those in attendance having a free breakfast before attending Opening Ceremonies. It appeared that we had about 50+ people in attendance this year. Ironically, though we started late (nothing unusual there), we finished about 45 minutes ahead of time. So they started setting up for that and those of us not involved with that sort of milled around. The next big thing was a luncheon mystery event. A free will donation was made for the pizza and dessert provided. Here too that had allowed from 11 to 2 for the event, and we finished up by 1. We didn’t stay for the Admirals’ banquet, charity auction or closing ceremonies on Sunday morning. We headed home about 3 in the afternoon Saturday. Getting there was easier than we thought and it was even easier getting back on the freeway heading home.

As a whole, we all seemed to have a good time. I liked the luncheon mystery. It was well thought-out and had you guessing at every new clue. The USS Diamondback crew did a wonderful job and I would like to thank them for hosting this.

In July we are planning an away mission to the Bowling Hall of Fame on July 14 at 1100 hours and then afterward, we’ll invade some unsuspecting eating establishment.


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  1. Thanks for this timely report! Summit was fun & I really enjoyed seeing you there!
    Looking forward to more news and reviews from your chapter.
    Sarah “Rimfire” Hays, LTC SFMC, 340th MEU / Region 3 Coms

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