Star Trek Adventures – Region 3 style!

Attention Region 3!

I have exciting news. As I had mentioned at summit; something I’d like to see happen is SFI, and specifically Region 3, utilizing Star Trek Adventures – a tabletop RPG released last year by Modiphius Entertainment. Well – we are getting closer!

In an interesting chain of events, this has gained some new momentum. We have a cadre of initial Game Masters (GMs) and a Lead GM identified. This initial team will be fleshing out the logistical and technical requirements to make this all work, and this was the bulk of our RC Chat conversation last night.

The broad strokes idea is this: We will construct a common setting, centered around Starbase 3, and Third Fleet assigned to the same area of responsibility (AOR), in a post Nemesis, prime timeline environment. The Lead GM will schedule other ‘guest GMs’, so that whoever wishes to run an ‘Episode’ can, and the whole story is not dependent on one GM who may get burnt out, or become otherwise unavailable.

Of course figuring out how to do that is all the devil in the details. We have a pretty good grasp on the technical bits, and are working to get those implemented. We’re discussing particular setting stuff, and common house rules, etc. What we need to know is how many are interested in playing, and at what times, pace, etc.

This is, essentially a free activity for players, and the materials cost is something that, at the moment, is being donated by the various GMs and the Region (Region is supporting by way of email list, forums, other tech issues that don’t cost us anything at this point). It will be conducted on, a great virtual tabletop for RPGs, and the region’s Discord server (our tests showed that anything over about 5-6 people on Roll20’s native voice chat loses quality quickly), and may be augmented with forums, and email lists for organization and scheduling as needed.

This will be a great way for those who may have had some interest in this great game get to play, where they might not have had enough local interest in their chapter/area. It will be a great way to introduce more members and chapters to the game, and grow the experience base across the region (and maybe more?!).

With a common setting and Lead GM, all the ‘episodes’ will be able to impact each other, and maybe even culminate in an annual big game (Summit, or game day?) – we are thinking big!

We must start small however  (if four GMs is starting small…), and that first step is for you all to tell us who all wants to play, when they can, and how often.

Exciting times Region 3 – we’re about to start some serious adventures!


Jeremy Carsten
Regional Coordinator,

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