Starfleet Scholarship Deadline Extended!

From Starfleet International Headquarters, today:

** For Widest Distribution **

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 Lists/Facebook Groups/Pages ***

Hello everyone,

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was not able to send out
reminders regarding the STARFLEET Scholarship application deadline, so the
deadline is being extended to July 6th.

If you were considering applying for a scholarship and the deadline
slipped past you, please look at applying now. Applications are available
for download at

If you need the application emailed to you, please contact me at and I will email an application to you.

Scholarships are awarded in amounts of up to $1,000 based on the number of
qualified applicants and the availability of funds.

Applicants must be a member of STARFLEET and must have been a member for at
least one year prior to the application deadline and they must be enrolled
or accepted by a facility of higher learning for the upcoming school year.

The scholarship winners
will be announced at the International Conference this summer.

Our current scholarship categories are:

ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY – James Doohan/Montgomery Scott Engineering &
Technology Scholarship
This very popular Scholarship covers any field related to engineering and
other fields of study involving technology, computer science, etc.

MEDICINE & VETERINARIAN – DeForest Kelley/Dr. Leonard McCoy Memorial Medical
& Veterinarian Scholarship
This is for medical studies of both humans and animals and is awarded for
programs in medical school, nursing school, physical therapy, pre-med,
EMT-Paramedic, surgical technician, biomedical technician, and the study
veterinary medicine.

ARTISTIC – Gene Roddenberry Memorial/Sir Patrick Stewart Scholarship for
Aspiring Writers & Artists
This is for all those studying acting, dance, music, writing, literature, or
for skills and training relating to the media, graphic artists, film making,

BUSINESS/MANAGEMENT/EDUCATION – Armin Shimerman/George Takei/LeVar Burton
Scholarship for Business, Language Studies & Education
This Scholarship is for business and management studies, the study of
foreign languages or studies abroad, and for teaching.

MISCELLANEOUS – Space Explorers’ Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship honors the Apollo, Shuttle Challenger, and Shuttle Columbia
astronauts and Russian cosmonauts that have died to further our efforts in
space exploration. It is a “general duty” scholarship and applies to all
courses of study not mentioned in the other 4 Scholarships. If a scholarship
applicant’s field of study does not quite match up with one of the other
scholarship types, they may be awarded this one.

As always, donations are needed to fund our scholarship program.
Donations can be made via PayPal by sending the donation to Please note that the payment is for the Scholarship

Please feel free to contact the Scholarship department at for any questions or additional information. Either I
or my Assistant Director, Rob Hunnicutt will reply as soon as possible.

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