Upcoming Deadlines

Good morning everyone. 
Please remember that if you are contributing to the Cry Havoc! for January/February 2021, our first edition of the year, the deadline is Thursday 18 February at Midnight Local time.

While I’m reminding folks — Region 3 has set March 31 as its deadline for awards for 2020 activities.These are the Of the Year awards — Officer, Chapter, Commanding Officer, etc. If you need to knowmore about the process, there is a Region 3 Awards Manual available.  
We have a contest open for a new Brigade Logo through March 1st as well. Here’s BDE OIC Jeremy Carsten’s announcement of that:

Greetings Dogs or War! 
We’re running low on patches, and a little low on the joint coin with Region 3. Given we had to edit the logo to remove the command  star from the Trek delta, and that we do not have master copies of the original art – it was thought to put out a call for other ideas.
As such we will run a challenge from Now until the end of February – anyone can submit their ideas(s) to the challenge. No one is limited to a single submission. Do keep in mind a few things however:
– The art must be original, and not include any trademarked or copyright items (You can use a plain delta, but not a delta with a command start in it, or the oval behind it, or the weird DS9/VOY badge). – Do not use heraldry from any real world military unit. 
– The winning submission will become property of the 3BDE. 
The submissions will be judged in early March by a committee of 3BDE staff members. 
To submit an entry, please use this form: 
I look forward to seeing what you all have for us! 
Jeremy “Sideshow” Carsten Brigadier General, SFMC
OIC, 3rd Brigade

Have a great day and a better tomorrow!
Be safe, stay healthy and keep warm.
Respectfully submitted,
Sarah “Rimfire” Hays, COL SFMC,
S6-Coms 3BDE, RIO Region 3
Coms Chief / DOIC 340th MEU
In service to the 340th MEU, 3BDE, Region 3, and SFMC

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