USS Bexar Earns Spotlight

The USS Bexar is making news inside Starfleet, with her new logo, and beyond: The San Antonio Express-News has discovered Star Trek, again, and is covering the friendly rivalry between Trek fans and Star Wars fans as new seasons of TV shows from the two legendary sci-fi franchises ramp up. Bexar’s Communications Officer LCDR Krista Holcomb and Chapter CO Robert Ybarra are quoted in The Express-News’ article:

“I think there’s a need for stability, and you can have fantasy versus some, I want to say, positive future,” said Robert Ybarra, president and commanding officer of USS Bexar, San Antonio’s oldest “Star Trek” fan club. “‘Star Trek’ has always pushed (that) positive role out there.”

“I’ve seen more of a future in ‘Trek’ than I do really in ‘Star Wars,’” said Krista Holcomb, USS Bexar’s communications officer. “And to get into ‘Star Trek’ right now, it feels just so much more poignant than at any time I have watched other sci-fi.”

Closer to home, the Bexar has a brand-new chapter logo, thanks to LCDR Holcomb:

“Our logo pic refresh was needed for the 2019 year when our club decided to have Fiesta Medals made, and we voted to have our club logo reflect that.
So the logo breakdown: The Federation Delta guides our ship at the zenith, and the yellow banding surrounds us and symbolizes our cheerfulness, warmth and originality. The colors of the Texas flag and the lone star symbolizes our origin of Texas. Our ship as a galaxy class protects and carries us along,” she writes. Named Bexar for the county and granted the registration number NCC-71718 (7 for the class of ship) and 1718 the founding of Presidio San Antonio de Béxar, the chapter reflects, as she also wrote, “Lots of history behind us.”

“Why Starfleet?
I definitely chose this chapter first before I knew about Starfleet. We as a club perform a lot of charity work, especially with the The San Antonio Food Bank. We do still have a lot of geeky fun,” she writes, “but that was important to me. I knew I had the skills to help make the club more of a presence online and with moving social media. I want The Bexar to be able to help more people.”
She joined Starfleet and became a chapter officer “to be able to direct  and/or help those changes.” In her approximately four years aboard the Bexar, LCDR Holcomb has made a difference.
Visit for more about the chapter and its activities.

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