USS Zavala Hosts Dinner For Battleship Texas Visitors


          “The USS Zavala hosted members of the 3rd Brigade for a pre-boarding dinner prior to their overnight experience on the historic Dreadnought USS Texas, moored at the San Jacinto State Park,” reports chapter CO VADM Lucy Franck. “The Backdraft Restaurant provided plenty of space to eat bar-b-que and seafood while catching up with our friends.  Hosts from the USS Zavala were CO Lucy Franck, Chuck Franck, Penelope McFadin, Robert Hall, Christine Sharp, Rob Hunnicutt, Eleanor Hunnicutt, Cadet Oliver Hunnicutt, Max Triola, and guest Valerie Ng-Joe. This is the second time the USS Zavala has hosted members of the 3rd Brigade for dinner as Marines prepared for their excursion to the USS Texas.”

From left: LTC Sarah “Rimfire” Hays, COL Max “Mariachi” Triola, LTC David Jarrett, LTC Donna Jarrett, LTC Kelly Hays, SFMC ‘Dant MGN Jari “Gato” James, LTC Robert Roush 

Photo courtesy Chuck Franck, USS Zavala

The Saturday afternoon dinner crowd proved smaller than expected, with weather and travel arrangements having an impact; but by the time the group assembled to board the battleship it had grown to more than 40 visitors strong. Additional details and photographs from the joint exercise (3BDE/SFMC, Region 3 Starfleet, Klingon Action Group and Royal Manticoran Navy) will be featured in the upcoming October edition of Cry Havoc!, the brigade’s newsletter. Watch this space and the Dogs of War website at for more.

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