R3 CCO Resolutions

On this page we will start archiving all votes taken by the Region 3 Congress of Commanding Officers

Prior to 2016 the only records we have are of the charity being chosen, but that data does not include which chapters did not vote, or which chapters made the motion and second, if any was done (we tend to not be as formal on the email list).

R3 CCO vote 16-01  – New Awards Program
R3 CCO vote 16-02 – Use New awards in 2015 season
R3 CCO vote 16-03 – No R3 Summit for 2017 due to IC
R3 CCO vote 16-04 – R3 Handbook approval
R3 CCO vote 16-05 – 2017 Region Charity
R3 CCO vote 16-06 – Permanent Charity adoption

No votes were taken in 2017


R3 CCO Vote 18-01 – Adjourn Summit 2018 CCO meeting (by acclamation)