Awards Season

********** From the Chief Administrative Officer **********

Greetings Region 3,

It is that time of year when it comes time to recognize the achievements of our members and chapters and to select those who will compete internationally for the “of the year” awards. Please be sure to review the manual and ensure that the nominations you submit match the award as well as ensure eligibility. Links will be provided below this message for the Region 3 Awards Manual as well as to the link where the nomination forms can be filled out and submitted. Also note that once you make a submission, you will receive a receipt email. If you do not receive that email, please resubmit via the form and via email to me. I am available for questions and clarification.


Member Recognition Page
Note: There is also a brief description of awards here. To get to the forms, select the tab at the top that says “Resources”, then “Member Recognition”, and you will see more drop downs, the forms are on the top 2 with the top being the SFI Annual Awards and the 2nd being the Region 3 Individual and Chapter Awards.

Very respectfully,


***** Note – the deadline for awards submissions is 31 March 2017 *****

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