June/July RC Update

First, apologies for the lack of a June update. I did send a brief update to the CCO, but lets go over all the big stuff now!

The motion to restructure the membership rates has passed – this effectively puts everyone, no matter where they live, on the same pricing. It eliminates getting anything physically sent by default, which saves SFI money – and that savings is passed onto the members. If members want a printed certificate, or printed by-laws/Members Handbook, they can pay extra for that. This is in line with the Commander, STARFLEET’s campaign promises to make things ‘a la carte’.

This had to go first, and was approved, leading to the 2017 budget. That (which takes the new member rates into effect) is being voted on now, and should be done next week. The CS intends to change the way budgeting is done in coming years and this will the last time it is done in the ‘old’ format….just when I was getting the hang of it! But progress is good, and I look forward to seeing the changes.

There are some big topics for the EC/AB to discuss at our annual meeting at IC. On my ‘to do list’ is definition of membership/membership classes and trying to get a solid plan on replacing our database. Those are my biggest priorities, and steps on the way to making SFI more member focused, and I hope to report some movement on both next month.

Locally we have chapters out doing great things, enjoying the summer and flying the SFI flag. We have IC here in our neck of the woods to look forward to next month – and if you haven’t registered yet, please do. The International Conference isn’t just the ‘annual meeting’ of SFI – that title does so little justice to the event. It’s our far too infrequent group hug, hoisting a glass with friends we don’t get to see nearly enough and seeing what the PEOPLE throughout our organization are really up to and really like. The entire point of a Fan Club is to meet and mingle with our fellows, and IC is THE BEST place for that to happen. Please consider attending if at all possible.

IC 2017

Also coming up is our bi-annual trip to NASA. The Johnson Space Center always has something new, and something fun for everyone. It is also another time to get together and actually SEE each other. We generally get together for dinner after and many stay in the recommended hotel to keep the party going there.

The talk of all these events has me wanting to address this website/blog. This is the new Fleet Channels, and there is far too few articles between my RC Updates. I know amazing things are happening; members and chapters out there doing great things. Please share that with us. Not just in a cold, who/what/where report that I get in the MSR way after the fact. Get with your Zone Leaders if submitting directly is too ‘scary’ (although I think this handy link is pretty easy…https://region3.org/wp/fleet-channels-submissions/). Lets make this new medium for Fleet Channels a great place for us all to enjoy what each other are doing!
I hope everyone enjoys their summer safely, and i look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events!

Jeremy Carsten

Regional Coordinator,

2 thoughts on “June/July RC Update”

    1. There has been no budget presented, as there has been no income. The Region has money left over from the 2016 Summit, and allotted for expenses (like the R3 Awards and such presented at Muster). Other than that we’re simply not spending. There is a staff meeting tonight where we will discuss the plans for the next term here, and any expenses anticipated will be discussed with the CCO. I am not, nor is anyone on staff, receiving anything to go to IC – and the Region ‘sending’ the RC used to be a big portion of the budget (though not all RC’s took it). I’d rather save that to find ways to invest it in the Region.

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