Summit 2020 Approaching

Shields up! A Klingon vessel has uncloaked!
At ease, Marines, they were invited!

Region 3 Summit 2020, “The Federation and the Klingon Empire,” will be held June 12-14, 2020, at the Holiday Inn & Suites in Beaumont, Texas.
Several Texas members of KAG have accepted our invitation to participate in Summit 2020, co-hosted by the USS Endurance and the USS Zavala. This will make Region 3’s Summit 2020 a unique opportunity to interact with another Star Trek fan group. The Klingons will present 2 panels and add to the festivities throughout the weekend.

Registration is open and during January is only $35 for adults. February 1 the price goes up to $40. Cadet registration will be a constant at $20. The Marine Dress Mess is Friday night, June 12; the two-entrée dinner buffet features Chicken Breast Supreme and Sliced London Broil steak, for $45.00 per adult.
Saturday night’s Admiral’s Banquet will also be a two-entrée dinner buffet, featuring Chicken Cordon Bleu and Lemon Pepper Catfish, also for $45.00 per adult.
Cadet prices are $15.00 for each banquet (children 12 and under).

Defend the honor of the Federation and make plans to attend Summit 2020! Registration and other information is provided via a Summit 2020 link on the Region 3 website. Qa’ pla!

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