RC Update – December 2019

Greetings Region 3, 

We’re nearing a brand new year, a new administration for SFI, a new decade, and a year full of new Trek! Personally, 2019 has been pretty rough, I’m looking forward to it being done, and working on new things in 2020. 
But there is a bit of 2019 left. For some, the best part of the year, for others, maybe the worst. Again, please keep an eye on each other out there. Reach out if you need it, reach out if you see others needing it. 

I did get word from Fleet OPS that the Shuttle Program is back in operation. It takes 3 SFI members and an VRR filled out to get things started. That is the policy – the process is to place things in the database…the one that’s currently kinda broken and/or the new up soon to be released – so keep that in mind for expectations, but as policy, we can begin exploring using these again! 

Also coming in the new year – an Mirror Universe logo competition for R3 and 3BDE logos! We have a panel of judges selected who are working on specific criteria, which we will then release – but it is something to look forward to! 

As we close on 2019, I wanted to say while its been a tough year, personally I’m glad I’m here in R3, honored to be your RC, and still looking forward to working with everyone here, and at HQ to push SFI into the future. 

Jeremy Carsten
Regional Coordinator, 

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