RC Update – July 2019

Greetings Region 3, 

First, welcome to summer. We’ve faced down a hurricane this past week, and triple digit temperatures are already they norm throughout much of the region. Keep an eye on each other out there. SFI is a family, dysfunctional as we might be. If you haven’t heard from someone in while, reach out! 

The Nomination Phase of the Commander, STARFLEET election has concluded. The candidates are: Steven Parmley and his running mate James Herring (http://parmley-herring4sfi.rocks/main/  & https://www.facebook.com/groups/ParmleyHerring2020/


Denise (De) Rush and her running mate Theresa Bristow (https://www.facebook.com/groups/Team.Rush.Bristow.2019/) 

I hope this election will inspire beneficial conversation that helps SFI grow. Check your data in the database – if you address isn’t correct, you will not get your election materials. In years past, the discussions surrounding the CS election gets quite heated – but I have a lot of hope that this time, things will remain civil. Both candidate teams have been very professional toward each other, and I think they both ‘get it’ as far as reducing the flame wars that other discussions have devolved into. 

You may have noticed my post on our Facebook group about IC 2019. Its just a few weeks away here. Those who cannot go, I encourage you to buy a supporting membership, if you can. SFI is going to take a pretty big hit on this one, and we should all come together to help those who’s lap this fell into. I will not make it to the IC in person, but have purchased a supporting membership, and will participate in the ECAB meeting via the dial in option. http://ic.sfi.org/registration/

IC 2020 has been announced – and it’s in conjunction with BayCon 2020, In San Francisco, California. http://ic.sfi.org/2020reg/

At the Region level – we are done with Summit 2019! I know, that’s been over for awhile, but there are inevitably other things that carry on in the back ground. But all money’s have been paid where due, and the Charities cut checks. Now on to our trip to NASA and Summit 2020! 

Tickets for both are available on our Quartermaster site: qm.region3.org

We are still looking for a new Chief Administration Officer. This post helps the RC oversee all document production; and more importantly the lead for the Region 3 awards program. Recognition is a big issue in SFI, and here in R3 as well. If you are interested in this role please contact me (rc@region3.org).

At the chapter level – it’s convention season, as well as prime time for other events. Please submit Fleet Channels articles for your events, send them to be placed on the calendar in advance so others might be able to join you. We have the charity tracker form live, as requested by the CO’s. It’s on the main website, under Resources, or just save this URL:  https://region3.org/wp/charity-tracking/

We moved the RC chat to the 3rd Wednesday of the month, which makes that tomorrow! Pretty much a two drink minimum sort of honest conversation about anything and everything going on in the region and the fleet. Hope to chat with you there!

Have a great Summer! 

Jeremy Carsten
Regional Coordinator, 

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