RC Update – June 2019

Greetings Region 3, 

I hope everyone had a great time at Summit in Baton Rouge, I know I did. This had to be the least stress (for me anyway) of any summit I’ve yet been involved with. Maybe it was the nice Louisianan atmosphere, or the fact the hotel bar made pretty great drinks. 

Beyond having fun, and doling out some needed information in the command track; this summit, which is to say you, the attendees raised $1750.50 for our two charities ($875.25 each), The USS Kidd and the Greater Baton Rouge Area Food bank!  We also managed to name our new Supreme Auctioneer for Life, Jeffy Lord… what a show that was! 

Of course at summit we recognized some great work from last year! 

Region Annual Awards:
Junior Member of the Year – Kendalyn Jarrett
Enlisted Member of the Year – Lee Richey
Officer of the Year – Donna Jarrett
Commanding Officer of the Year – Lucy Franck
Chapter of the Year – USS Zavala

Region 3 Awards:
Zenith (print Media) – USS Diamondback
Maelstrom Navigation Award- Kelly Hayes  
Glen Corbin Mentorship Award- Edward Tunis III  
Steven “Doc” Jessup Distinguished Service Award – Larry Pendleton
Marian L. Murphy Meritorious Service Award  – Steve Sardeson

Region 3 Commendations – for raising over $1000 dollars for charity:
Ark Angel Station
USS Battle Born  
USS Diamondback
USS Zavala

We were able to announce the Summit 2020 location – Beaumont, TX – June 12-14, 2020. Early bird registration is open on the quartermaster page (qm.region3.org). 

Also live on the quartermaster page  are tickets for our NASA trip this September 14th. 

One of the big successes of summit was moving the CCO meeting from a very early, very hung over Sunday morning to Saturday right after opening ceremonies. With awake, alert CO’s and Region staff, a lot got done! One change we will make is the region award nomination period will change from March – April of the following year, to Jan – Feb. I think this will help folks write awards that are more fresh in their memory, give the region staff plenty of time to process the nominations, procure hardware, and be ready to distribute without becoming part of the ‘Summit rush”. 

Speaking of awards – Steve Sardeson is stepping down as Chief Administrative Officer for Region 3. I thank him for his time, efforts, and passion in this, and several other staff roles he’s held over the years. This of course leaves the post open. This role oversees the Region awards program, and assists the RC in publishing any and all manuals. It’s a pretty good time to step into this role, with the orders of merit flowing better now, the Region awards are not overly complicated, and any manuals are just updates at this point (vs initial creation). If you are interested, please send me an e-mail (rc@region3.org). 

Also discussed in the CCO meeting was the RC chats. Historically, they are poorly attended, but folks still seem to like the idea. So, to try a new schedule, I will start hosting them on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, at 7:30PM. We will see how well this is received/attended. I think regular voice communication with anyone who is interested is a big value added, but only if it is at a time people can participate. 

That’s all for this round! 

Jeremy Carsten
Regional Coordinator, 

1 thought on “RC Update – June 2019”

  1. I am so very glad that every one is safe from the very bad Storm that we had last week. Remember that Things can be replaced, lives can not, so give thanks to the sweet lord Jesus that you and your family are safe. I also truly hope that everyone that had a pet that you dearly love, the pets are safe also.

    Does anyone know when the voting for the new CS of SFI takes place? Is it in SEPT or OCT? Do they still send the ballots to the SFI membership through the mail?

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