RC Update – September 2020

Greetings Region 3, 

September has been especially trying for me, and I know a lot of others out there. However, I shall focus on the positive – and it’s about over! As previously announced we have new staff, and they now have access to do their tasks. 

I’m really excited about the video production plans. Right now the plan is to make a program each month – the tentative title is “Take 3”. This program will have some pre-recorded interviews, live news, and then an ‘Ask Me Anything’ section. We are expecting it to be roughly an hour long program, starting on Thursday October 22nd. Exact time is still to be determined, but then we hope to have one every month, on that third Thursday. This will be broadcast to Facebook in our Region3 group, and YouTube. 

We want folks to be involved in this. If you have a chapter, a unit, or member that is doing great- let’s put them in the spotlight! Contact us so we can get them recognized. 

The world is slowly opening back up, but COVID-19 is still out there. Please be safe when going out and interacting with other beings. And just as important as following guidelines on that safety – bring some compassion and understanding too. 

Region 3 has a Discord server and would like to invite everyone to visit more often and provide input on what they would like to see there. I think this is a viable option over Facebook groups, especially with so many who are having issues with Facebook’s new user interface. With discord we can make it the community we want. 
Stay well out there!

Jeremy Carsten
Regional Coordinator, 

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