New Region 3 Staff!

Greetings Region 3,

Since summit, we’ve been looking to make some staff changes. First was removing the role of zone leader. Instead we’re moving to single points of contact for specific tasks. We are also introducing new services, and people to help with them.

The VRC is now a full department, with the following:
Region Charity Officer – Chris Lovejoy. He will be helping Lucy track all charitable activities, rolling those up, getting good metrics, and relaying that back to the members and chapters for ongoing use in recruiting and retention efforts.
The History department – a whole sub department for our VRC to wrangle!
Chris Lovejoy again steps in, and will help as the wiki administrator for the Region history wiki page. Joining the department is Jason Davis as historian, and Sam Black remains as a historian as well.

The Ops department gains two:
Event Coordinator – Robert Hunnicutt – he didn’t stay gone long! He will be helping us figure out how to gather member data, what events to track, and when/how to get that info to members and chapters in a way that is useful. He is also a point of contact to share chapter/unit events, as well as a solid source of information to help you plan events.
RPG Manager – Jim Cushman – he will be heading up the volunteer GM’s for the Star Trek Adventures efforts we are working toward.

Flag Lieutenant – Lancelot Mallia – he will be helping me with various projects, and I have a list of them that don’t fit firmly in any single department, so will help not just me, but other staff members. He’s bringing an outside view and fresh energy to the team.

Contact info:
History team (sends to the whole team) –
Flag Lieutenant –
Charity Officer –
Event Coordinator –
RPG Manager –

I’m really excited for all these additions, and where these projects are going. I look forward to working with them all!

Jeremy Carsten
Regional Coordinator,

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