RC Update – August 2019

Ahoy Region 3, 

Welcome to the insufferably hot time that is August in Texas/Louisiana. With weather that has reminded me of my deployments, I hope everyone is staying safe, while out enjoying the Summer (or, if like me, hiding in places with Air Conditioning as a rule). 

Let’s start with Big Fleet Stuff. 

IC 2019 is in the bag. Last we heard HQ is still sorting out the exact damage done, financially, but by all other measurements, IC was a success. Those that attended reported it was fun, all the normal events happened, the CS lost his hair… good times. My own participation was limited to the ECAB meeting that Friday. I did call in and participate quite a lot. I believe we are down to one or two issues left outstanding for the Members Handbook update, and one of those is drafted and under review now. We should have a new MHB relatively soon! 

The election is upon us! Please login to the database, and ensure your email and mailing addresses are correct – to ensure you get the needed info and the packet when it gets sent out. 

Speaking of the database – we still expect the change to come before the end of the year. All is expected to go smoothly. However, life happens, and we don’t know what hiccups we might encounter; thus it is my suggestion for everyone to not only go ensure your data is correct, but download (screen shot, save as PDF, whatever) your data as well. Just good to keep a personal copy. 

At the Region level we have a few new things we are looking into. 

It occurred to me a couple weeks ago that PDF might not be the most ideal format for some of our documents. We are now exploring EPUB options, to make things more friendly, especially on mobile devices. That will be something I work on with our new Chief Admin Officer… which is still an open position. If you are interest in e-publishing, and the Awards program, please contact me (rc@region3.org). We really need to fill this post soon, so if you know of someone that might be a good fit, tell them to apply! 

We are also going to start taking over the orientation aspect for R3 members that join/renew. This has always been the intent, but now we are getting the information we need from HQ in order to accomplish it. This should start pretty soon (coming weeks) – after we refine our initial messages. 

Those are the big rocks for August! We have a coming RC chat on Wednesday, 7:30PM on Discord. Hope to see (hear) you there! 

Jeremy Carsten
Regional Coordinator, 

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