RC Update – March 2019

Greetings Region 3!

The RC Election is underway – that’s pretty important to the local regional members. To facilitate that we have stood up a new list (http://lists.region3.org/mailman/listinfo/rcelection_region3.org) – please sign up (Region 3 members only), all our discussions will happen there. As it is just the nomination phase right now, we’ll wait until folks sign up before beginning much conversation there, I’d expect on or about 1 April. Also, the next two RC discord chats will have Q&A time with any and all candidates that wish to participate. This impacts all chapters and members – so I highly encourage all to participate in this process – as easy as joining an mailing list.

Please remember we have Summit coming up! Go register (qm.region3.org)! The summit team is putting together a lot of fun stuff, I know I am looking forward to it all. 

In news from around the Fleet, Promotions are flowing again. After a LONG time of inactivity, for whatever reasons, new people are in place, and those are moving along once more! They are processing at least a 6 month backlog, but I’ve seen 3 hit my desk already – so I have high hopes this will be cleared up soon, and be responsive moving forward.

For myself, I’ve been having fun at the Sherwood Forest Faire each weekend. Not just having fun, but raising money fro charity as well. If anyone comes out, let me know,w e’ll meet up for a beer! I know I’ve seen some from the Ark Angel and the USS Crockett already!

Last, but certainly not least – awards. Submissions are due at the end of this month! 31 March!!! I KNOW many great things were accomplished last year – and it took our members to do it. Get those nominations in!

Thank you,

Jeremy Carsten
Regional Coordinator, 

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