RC Update – November 2018

Greetings Region 3!

It’s mid-November already! Time flies – and more so around the holidays here. Last night R3 staff and I met for our monthly meeting, and worked to wrap up most region business for 2018. There will not be a staff meeting in December, everyone is busy enough – but we are well postured to hit the ground running come 2019!

November is also big for several chapters who participate in Extra-Life. If you chapter has a team, please ensure that your efforts, and money raised, is recorded in your MSR’s, and reported to the region charity officer (charity@region3.org). This will help us track the overall good the Region has done, and any efforts toward the RC cup!

We had the CCO meeting late last month, and while we did not have a quorum to take any votes, there was a new business item opened concerning the CCO meeting at Summit – and that it not be held on Sunday Morning. This year we will try it right after the Marine Mess Dress on Friday night of summit. Instead of hungover, sleep deprived, zombies functioning on coffee alone, the CCO meeting will now be comprised of over stuffed, entertained folks of questionable sobriety!

Speaking of Summit – You can go register now! https://qm.region3.org/summit-2019/

Getting the ticketing solution in place was a much bigger effort than we had planned. You may notice that this URL is on a whole new subdomain – in fact a whole new website. The Quartermaster site (qm.region3.org) will handle anything involving money and/or event ticketing moving forward. This will keep our permission sets, and needed plugin’s/software in clear lanes – keeping our information safer. All this took a great deal of work, and I want to very publicly thank Trisha Tunis, Kelly Hays and Sarah Hays for their efforts in helping me get this up and running.

No go register for Summit! https://qm.region3.org/summit-2019/

Other things to look forward too – that Star Trek Adventures RPG effort. Our GM had some family issues come up, which set him back a bit – and now we are entering the holidays, so our projected start for that is Mid January. Everyone ask Santa for the rule book for the holidays (and if that doesn’t work, we have PDF copies available)!

As I stated, there will not be another R3 staff meeting, and I don’t foresee much action from HQ that will have a dire impact here in R3 for the rest of the year. So this will be the last big update. Staff is working on a few last tasks. I hope to push out a policy manual, covering all R3 policies in one neat reference, before the end of the year.

Enjoy the holidays, stay safe (be sure to thaw out that Targ before frying it!), and I look forward to working with you all next year.

In Service,
Jeremy Carsten
Regional Coordinator,